Yuno Rembrandt (ユーノ・レンブラント) is one of the daughters of Patrick and Lisa and the younger sister of Sif.


Vol 07 - 003

Rembrandt Sisters in party dress. (Sif on the left and Yuno on the right)


She has silky and short blond hair that doesn’t reach her shoulders. She has white skin. She has a short build around 1.5m. When she is in the academy, she wores a beret on her head, a scarf around her neck that fall at her back, gloves put on and wores a shorts with long boots. When she goes to party, she wores make up. She wores a soft blue pastel dress with her shoulders exposed, her hem is short to the point that it barely covers her knees.
Vol 07 - 006

Yuno in her Student Uniform.


She is the energic one of the group. She is like a tomboy, when she fight it's hard to remember that she is the little princess of an important family. Apparently before her being curses she was ill-natured and saw external apparence before personnality (or internal apparence). But at present, they doesn't care about external apparence and refer more on the internal apparence. Her and her sister doesn't want to remind the look they have when they were curse.



Like princesses, Yuno and her older sister Sif were quite ill-natured in Rotsgard Academy. Because they have talent and good apparence they criticize others on their look before knowing the person. After being curse, their apparences drop in a dreadful manner, they become things more close to ghouls than hyumans. Being cure by Raidou, they understand that external apparence mean not much compare to the internal apparence of a person.


They studied now again in Rotsgard Academy in the class of Raidou. Also, her and her sister fall in love with Raidou when he cure them despite his look.


Her speciality is physical combat, she say that instead of a vanguard she is more a center defenser. She switch between lance and bow according to the situation.

  • Lance: She knows how to use a spear. She achieve to win a match against a dagger user even if he succeed to get in range to attack. She combines it with hand-to-hand combat.
  • Bow: She knows how to use a bow, not in the level of Makoto of course still she has a pretty good level. She combines it with enhancing magic.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: She is on the level of a pro wrestler. She uses dangerous moves like smashed an elbow on a girl’s medulla oblongata or realizing a "Shining Wizard"on a kneeling girl to finish her.

Shining Wizard

  • Enhancing Magic: Her magics are on basic levels, she mostly uses enhancing magic even if it's not her speciality and she combines it with her talent for spear, bow and hand-to-hand combat.


  • Lance
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Red Super Sentai Costume: He was give to Yuno by Mio against some old recipes cooking book from her mother. She use it in traning against the Mist Lizard, and that angered Makoto to the point to hit her on the head a lot of times because that remember him the embarrasment of the White Suit.


She harbors feelings of love for Misumi Makoto. who healed and wear beautiful dress in hope Raidou make compliment as her sister Sif. But, Raidou is getting busy lately. So, she can't help just become employee in Kuzunoha Company as part time employee beside Raidou student. In aim, she and her sister can be near Raidou. But, It is not easy despite she and her sister make a move for other student can't near him to confess feeling to him as harem.

Vol 06 - 0051

Training with Mist Lizard.


Hm…I don’t really have anything special to say though. You guys are all people that have climbed up with your own efforts instead of relying on your pedigree, right?  Then you must already understand that it will feel easier eventually, and that you will use up all your strength eventually, right?” (Yuno)

Ah right, Sensei spoke about that with father before. He said that using black coated arrows to shoot at the opponent’s eyes was really effective in night warfare. He said that if there’s moonlight, you can shoot as much as you wanted and the bow would be peerless.” (Yuno)