Tomoe (巴), previously known as Shèn (蜃), is one of the Superior Dragon's, existing in the World of the Goddess. She is presently in servitude of Makoto.


Shen (Dragon Form)

Tomoe's Dragon form is that of a Oriental/Eastern Dragon, with long hair that look like mist, long flowing whiskers, long antlers, sharp teeth, reptilian eyes, four toes on each foot, a long serpentine body.

Tomoe (Human Form)

In her Human form, Tomoe has long waist length blue hair which have a mist like look to them, red reptilian eyes with a slender figure.


She tends to have an easy-going personality, likes taking on new challenges and learn interesting things related to the Edo period of Japan. Different from how her previous lazy and disˈinterested outlook of the world.

She 's not serious at times to a dangerous degree.

She finds great enjoyment in seeing what changes would come from Makoto and especially learning things from his memories.


Being the second most powerful Superior Dragon, she is referred as the "Invincible" for being literally undefeated by any being. The cause for her bein referred as such is mainly because of her special ability "Asora". Her real name is not known to the general public, and most people refer her either as the "Invincible Dragon" or the "Mirage Dragon".

Some time in the past, she fought the Black Spider of Calamity, but lost interest in the fight after it left, so she didn't pursue it. Later on she decided to not care about the World and went into hibernation in her cave in the Wasteland.




  • Misumi Makoto: She finds him to be fun and entertaining enjoys looking at his memories and all the different interesting things in his world and especially on Japanese period dramas and samurais.
  • Mio: She has somewhat a rivalry with her that could as times ended up causing problems for others.
  • Shiki: In comparison to Mio, they seem to have a relationship with less "violence", however, Tomoe also "punishes" strongly Shiki when he does not do his job well.
  • Tamaki: She doesn't trust her mainly because she can't look into her memories and it makes her unable to read her motivation or motives.


  • Mini Tomoe: A fragment of Tomoe transformed into a mini version of Tomoe with her own thoughts and personality, to help with surveying the land of Asora. When she died, Tomoe felt the death and suffered injury as her life was connected to Mini Tomoe.
  • Komoe: A second fragment of Tomoe transformed into a mini version of Tomoe and is her own person much like the previous Mini Tomoe.
  • Lime: Tomoe trained Lime.


Gods and Goddesses


  • Spatial Manipulation
  • Mind Reading and Psychometry
  • Pure Illusory Reality: Eternal dreams, a illusions and reality all bound between those two As long as you doubt it for a single moment, your body will turn into an illusion itself. A spell that can turn others into illusions
  • Magic Spell
  • 'Dragon Mother':a power that lets you understand the world’s dragon pulse and utilize them. (Received from Futsu) WN 289
  • can even interfere with the boundary between life-and-death.

"At that time, I thought we were too late, but due to the power-up of Tomoe's illusions, it seems she can even interfere with the boundary between life-and-death." (Makoto) WN 295


the long katana Yae Kuro Ryu <multilayered black dragon> the katana was made by the elder dwarfs out of a mysterious tree that was able to face a mountain fire head on. The Wood that is harder than metal it is so tempered that a fire could not destroy it.

it is a fire element katana that is opposite to Shirafuji.

  • One of the katanas has an ability called [Marking]. When the requirements are fulfilled, you can ignore the distance and freely cut the target, the consumption of magic power is not to be underestimated, but only it not use on the katana. 


  • Period Dramas:
  • Ancient Japan
  • Collecting memories:
  • All Types of books
  • Hot Springs
  • Dramas
  • Samurais



  • Her name "Shèn" (蜃) is written in Chinese, and most likely is based on Shen, a shapeshifting dragon believed to create mirages. The usage of the name "Shèn" referring to either the shapeshifting dragon or a sea monster (namely a "large clam"), caused some misunderstanding to Makoto, when he first heard the name.
    • "Tomoe" (巴) is a name given by Makoto, based on the name of the famous female Samurai which most likely would be "Tomoe Gozen".


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