Toa's Party members are old friends of Makoto himself. Misumi Makoto is the first found Toa in human city where that town is downed Zetsuya Town which down because his follower. After that, They together just go from that town to Tsige. In Tsige, Toa party have a plan formed a party which eventually popular because had work with Tomoe as appreciated.


They form a party somehow as survival in Zetsuya from Misumi Makoto's follower. Then, Misumi Makoto and Follower with them go together to Tsige with cargo owned by Misumi Makoto. As adventurer with agreement with Makoto, how that big city down is lied. So, they can begin their adventurer job without problem. Sometimes, they rely from Tomo- High level follower. 

With help from Tomoe, they become number one party in Tsige above Lime Latte. They can supply rare ingredient from dangerous monster in country side in Tsige. Just how they do it is became mystery, only less people know that Raidou who form with them is the great help. That make Toa herself owe him big and make constribution in Kuzunoha Company in ingredient and resources if they are ordered it with borrowing her adventurer card.

As of chapter 82, they are all about level 150.

Job class

Luisa: Brawler