Tamaki is a Shrine Maiden. Tamaki is not her true name and she has many different names and aliases from an unknown amount of time in her existence. A long time ago she was, for a time, known as Touda. She is presently in servitude of  Misumi Makoto who has given her her current name.


Tamaki has had many different appearances in her existence.


White, her skin was so white it was unbelievable.

Black hair, slightly bright light brown eyes, and her shrine maiden clothes made Makoto think that she was Japanese for a second.

But he felt as if her skin itself was negating that she was a person.

Makoto don’t think it is make-up. It was a white that was more like paint.

But it wasn’t pure white, he could feel a tinge of blue in it.

In his eyes, it looked like the color was not natural.


her appearance has Changed After becoming a servant to makoto. After the pact she has the appearance of a 10 year old girl with dark emerald green hair.


She has a gentle smile that shows no awkwardness, in way she is skillfull and intangible. She resembles people like Patrick Rembrandt and Sairitz as wall Zef, who are People that are difficult to read their Personality type, to the point that even when laughing, one can not feel relieved from them and even if they are angry you can’t tell if they are serious at all

She has pride in her speed.

She can produce extreme bloodlust while in a fight.

She is seen to have quite the bloodlust type of Personality in fights.

Her smile and her gaze that had been gentle like to not show her emotions are to be lit in fighting.




She has been in the service of many different gods and she has had many names even though she has hinted she wasn’t always just a Shrine Maiden When she mentioned one being called wicked fired general and touda Was Does not exactly give enough information to figure out who or What she used to be in the past

Her origin is a mystery to Makoto As well as what she actually did for her Former masters


Presently she is managing the temple and various other things in assistance The residence of asora


As she have in a long life She Has knowledge of many different things she is able to use a variety of weapons in the intervals of fights, as well as Element magic. She can lower and increase her presence and bloodlust in and As well using her speed order to confuse a opponent


yin-yang spells


Dressed in a traditional Shrine maidens garments and Show to have a mastery Of variety weapons


Matching pair of long Sword and short swords


Opinion on Other Characters

Relationships: acquaintances and comrades


Misumi Makoto : She Like the cuteness from Goshujin-sama (Makoto)

Tomoe "Shèn"


Shiki: says she like the Intellectual types like Shiki And it seems like she likes how he has cute sides like how his legs go numb she say he is truly likeable But that is not the truth she was observing him and the other

Asora Residents 

She has various opinions of each species and person 

Demi-Human and Mamono animals

Highland orcs



Mistio Lizards

Elder Dwarves


Forest Ogres

Fairy Race

Aquatic Races



Mysterious beings

  • giant turtles

Gods and goddesses 

The two Temple or Shrine spirits That have not yet taken form


Has knowledge of Japan


"I am a shrine maiden that serves the Gods, and am also one of them. That’s why I have abandoned those names, and since I have gotten a new master, I don’t have a name to give. If I had to put an example, it would be like a relationship between the sun and moon, the puppet of the God I am employed with.”