Spirit Species 

High Spirits

  • Behemoth (Earth Spirit)
    • The closest resemblance is that of a cow, but it has a mane, and instead of hooves, it has terrifying claw; it even has long fangs like those of a Saber Tiger. Its whole skins is black, lustrous, and looks like it is hard; what looks like a cow is its thick and sharp horns.
  • Phoenix (Fire Spirit)
  • Water Spirit

Spirit religion of Lorel and is receiving more believers than the Goddess.


(Lime to Hibiki): "For the commoners, they are the ones who have more appearance than the Goddess, and also, the High Spirits are a strong existence, so it is a religion that’s plenty reasonable to direct their belief at. Also, even if I say it is a Spirit religion, Spirits are all serving the Goddess, it is in essence, a religion of the Goddess.” - chapter 187

(Lime to Hibiki): "...In the past, at the time when the demon race made its great march, the Earth and Fire Spirit that lend their help to them were called low Spirits because of it. In truth, the medium Spirits that possess will of their own, there are some that are called High Spirits but…well, regarding these two, there aren’t many hyumans or demons that continue their belief towards them though. Dwarfs are stubborn so they continue their faith towards the Earth Spirit, but because of their proficient arm in smithing, their eyes are not focused on it.” - chapter 187

(Shiki to Tomoe): "A while ago, I got acquainted with a cow and a bird that are connected to that side you see. Also, I know clearly of the whereabouts of another one in Lorel, kukuku.” - chapter 204