Sofia Bulga (ソフィア・ブレガ) is an adventurer renowned as the Dragon Slayer.


Vol 10 - 001
She has bangs that covers her right side, so that only one of her eyes could be seen. She has blue hair.


Sofia was a violent and easily angered woman. She believed that attaining strength was all that mattered and had no qualms about how she went about doing that.

After having her mind altered by Root, Sofia is now a caring woman who wants to fight monsters to keep people safe.


She is a dragon slayer that received the rank of SSS in honor of defeating Lancer as a dragon. She is given the title "dragon slayer" after that. But it is revealed that she has a contract with Lancer and gets along with demon territory as vice general below Rona. She had a great battle with the follower of the goddess and meet Raidou as she is the person the goddess wanted him to help deal with.


The first encounter with in her fav as first even allowing her to injure Makoto But at the battle progressed she found herself unable to Harm him any further She was later forcing to escape his very deadly attack he let loose when he destroyed one of his rings that created A massive explosion That destroy the fortress Leaving behind only a Lake

But in the Second encounter she was completely unable to handle Raidou's defense and attack and it made her exhausted her strength.Forcing her to Used a powerful Technique after witnessing Lancer Being killed by one of Makoto's follower. As her technique failed to do any damage and Being severely wounded in the process she manage to escaping Only to meet root who was waiting for her and short exchange between each other be for she is presumed to have been killed by Root.

She is presently an adventurer after she was presumed to have been killed by Root. After long time, She have been courage to meeting with Raidou by Root and now admire him and the company. As a strong military force as she said to Raidou what she heard from her father when she met him in Kaleneon.Hence, she begin to have cooperation with Kuzunoha Company as a member of the Adventurer guild and as the daughter of the guild master.


As an adventurer she is very skilled with swords and Magic proving that her level of skill is not for show. She gained more power through her contract with Lancer and defeating Waterfall, Doma and Azuma, absorbing their power.


She can summon swords made from slain enemies similar to the ability of Lancer but to a lesser degree. This limit was removed when Lancer was slain by Shiki granting her the same degree of power Lancer held.


Current State

In her current child form she is shown to exhibit strength and skill with a sword benefiting a child in her age



Supreme dragons

  • Lancer she has a contract with him
  • Tomoe Shen. She had no knowledge that Shen left the Wasteland and was in the service the Devil.
  • Grount: 
  • Waterfall: Killed and absorbed
  • Azuma: Killed and absorbed
  • Doma: Killed and absorbed
  • Root:she seems to have Great anger towards Root possibly ancestor a human and Root. After finishing blow, she come back Changed and have a good family relationship as Root's daughter. Completely unaware of the change that root has done to her Physically and mentally

The Devil and servant

  • Misumi Makoto:

Her first meeting with him was when she assumed that he was sent by the goddess resulting in her attacking him He was forced to retaliate against her resulting in him creating a large lake

The second time she came in contact when Makoto was pursuing to fight him again resulting in Destroyed Fort Stella fortress and a greatly damaged castle

She admire him as the strongest as root told her about him as she has no prior memory of him making her completely aware of they path connections.She has returned to being a member of the Adventurer guild and now participate on cooperation between adventurer guild and Kuzunoha Company.

  • Shiki


  • Io
  • Demon Lord Zef
  • Reft
  • Rona

others she may have known or known about

She thinks of him as a one of her tools for her achievements after the event with Root and Makoto she didn't have the same goals

  • Chiya
  • Bredda
  • Lily:
  • Toa
  • Joshua
  • Jin Rohan


  • Sofia's appearance at the end of her first fight against Makoto (no clothes or armor and floating over lake) is one of several other survivors give of the Devil.