Shiki, previously known as Larva, is a lich that exists in the Goddess' World. He is presently in servitude of Misumi Makoto.


Vol 08a - 004

Shiki in hyuman form.


As a hyuman, Shiki appears as a handsome young man with red hair, tied into a ponytail. He uses a luxurious staff wrapped in cloth that resembled silk that has the ability to hide the status of an equipment. It seems that the tip of the staff can transform into a golden knife like a spear.
Vol 09 - 008

Shiki in new lich form.


In his lich form, he has the appearance of an undead skeleton wearing a black robe with golden embroidery drawn around it made with magic. He uses a pitch black rod that can transform into a giant scythe that makes him look like a Death Reaper. The rod can also transform in Ascalon. He doesn't have eyeballs instead he has red light glowing in his orbitals cavities.


Vol 06 - 003

Shiki is angered.

Shiki is first and foremost an intellectual. A workaholic type person, his love for knowledge and research is one of his driving forces. Even his past experience has only been for his curiosity and his changed approach towards people. He has a tic to hit the ground before casting a spell. At a certain moment, when he gets angered, the red light who glow when he was a lich reappear in his eyes. Shiki is actually seasick, as told by a fisherman and he uses levitation to counter it. (Extra 23)


His origins and original name are unknown. What is easily ascertained is that he was a brilliant researcher in magic knowledge.Before his death possibly came back as a lich or possibly, he turned himself into a lich; when and where is unknown. All that is known is that he’s been lich for a very long time and with quite a reputation.


Vol 03 - 005 (2)

Makoto encounter a lich.

When Makoto and Mio were "invited" by the forest ogres, they encounter a strange forest ogre who seemed to be possessed. Later, a fight occurred between Makoto and the lich (who have already killed the host), the lich seems to know how to use Ancient Language. And yet, he got defeated by Makoto and his darkness element nullifies magic.

After some presentation and discussion about the Graunt, Tomoe convinces the lich to become one servant of Makoto. However, even if the lich is a high ranking existence, Makoto was too powerful for him who to do a ruling pact together with one of the highest superior dragon and the calamity spider. The pact was brown instead of red so a pact below the pact of slave. So Tomoe came with the idea to trick on the ruling ritual, she gave the lich 13 used rings of Makoto (Draupnir) and asked Mio to transfer magic power to the lich. The result was a success and the lich became the 3rd servant of Makoto. After some event, the lich was named Shiki and was told about Makoto being an otherworlder.

Makoto decides that Shiki will accompany him to Rotsgard. After the first kidnapping of the goddess and realizing that it was not a student exam but a teacher exam, Shiki became an assistant teacher in Makoto's class. In the class, he acts as a good cop while Makoto(Raidou) act as a bad cop. "Like the ones in detective dramas. A combi of one being the angry and the other the soothing one, they manipulate the impression of the person." (WN Chapter 85)


When not compared to a Supreme Dragon, Shiki as a Lich is a high ranking existence in the World of the Goddess. Shiki is well versed almost all types of magic, but his speciality is the magic of healing, continued from the magic of earth and wind. He has an extensive knowledge as a researcher of magic, theoretical and practical, besides also knowing about many relics and magical objects, and having much experience in the experimentation of magic and living beings.

Post-Contract with Makoto

Although it is true that Shiki is the weakest of Makoto's direct servants, he is more than enough to destroy armies and countries with ease. Thanks to the contract that made with his master, he acquired the "13th steps", which are rings containing enormous amounts of magic power from Makoto who used them to absorb his own overflowing magical power. Shiki is therefore not able to fully utilize the rings until he converts all of Makoto's rings magic power to his own.

He uses the power of the rings to strengthen his (forbidden) spells and himself, which allowed him to defeat the Superior Dragon Lancer. It seems after defeating Lancer, Shiki evolves from Undead to Undead King.

After the contract, he gains a body with flesh again, but he can change between his hyuman form and lich form at will.

13 Steps
1st Step; ‘Wand’; "Magic Empowerment"

2nd Step; ’Sword’; "Body Enhancement"

3rd Step; ’Cup’; "Magic Power Enhancement"

4th Step; ’Coin’ ; "Equipment Enhancement"

5th Step; ‘Keto'; " Supplement Healing"

6th Step: ‘Fray’; ‘Sword Emperor Spirit Possession"

7th Step; "Hell; ‘Mist Temple Nivlheim"

8th Step; "Ragnarok"; -First Chain [Raging] //-Second Chain [Mud Sea] //-Third Chain [Gleipnir]

9th Step; "Gemini"; "Supplements and Fulfills; Servant"

10th Step; "Unknown"

11th Step; "Unknown"

12th Step; "Unknown"

13th Step; "Unknown"


  • Staff: He has two staff one when he is in hyuman form create by the elders dwarves wich it is a luxurious staff wrapped in cloth that resembled silk that has the ability to hide the status of an equipment and it seems that the tip of the staff can transform in a golden knife like a spear. Then an another one when he is in lich form uses a pitch black staff with few decorations that is more a rod because there no catalyzer like a magic orb on it. It can transform in a giant scythe that make him look like a Death Reaper. The rod can also transform in Ascalon.
  • Ascalon: When he holds his staff with both hands as if brandishing a sword and says "Number 6 is my fittest…Free yourself from your scabbard and become your true form’, come… Ascalon” WN 161, then with a light similar to that of a red moon, it changes its appearance and becomes a giant and long claymore. This long claymore comes in combination with the 6th Step: ‘Fray’ ( that permit to be possessed by the spirit of the sword and to acquire the swordmanship of someone he saw, for now his swordmanship is the same as Makoto and Hibiki's kendo teacher that he saw in Makoto memories). This is a sword smeared with poison and malediction, that can even handicap a superior dragon. It seems that the sword has neither the radiance of a legendary sword nor the ghostly aura of a curse weapon. According to Shiki, it's a sword he name from the tale of a Dragon Slayer who have the same name.
  • Rings: When he made the ruling pact with Makoto he was so weak compared to Makoto, that they need to trick the pact. To do this, they give 13 red rings (Draupnir) to Shiki that contain Makoto's magical power ( We know that the 10th first rings are put on his 10 fingers but we don't know where are the last three). When the pact was done the 13 rings fuse with is new hyuman body. Later, these rings begun to merge and became the 13th steps, the new power of Shiki. Each rings have differents powers (it seem also different colors like 'Keto' is a orange ring but that need to be comfirmed) because of that Shiki became really versatile when you combine all his magical knowledges and the power of rings.
Vol 08b - 004

Shiki wearing 4 rings and Ascalon.



  • Misumi Makoto: He is the master of Shiki. He is extremely loyal to Makoto and gets angry when someone disparages him or hurts him as in the case with Lancer and Sofia. Makoto also trusts Shiki a lot because he sees him as reliable and the most prudent of his direct followers.
  • Mio: Shiki is often intimidated by Mio. However, that doesn't forbid them from being on good terms with each other when they cook together, even if Shiki can only make nabe.
  • Tomoe "Shèn": In comparison to Mio, they seem to have a relationship with less tension. However, Tomoe also "punishes" strongly Shiki when he does not do his job well.
  • Tamaki: He’s been working with her on various projects. Just like the other servants, he was suspicious of her being an enemy when they first meet.


  • Ema: He has a good relationship with her. They both similar serious types and being both practitioners of magic
  • Lime: He has a good relationship with him. They are both the masculine stars of Kuzunoha Company in Rotsgard and are very liked by women.
  • Sari
  • Lucia

Heroes Acquaintance

  • Hibiki and her party: When he was fighting Lancer, Wudi, one of Hibiki's companions, was almost killed by Lancer. Shiki agreed to heal them if they shut their mouths and stop moving. They all know of his undead and hyuman form.

Royal acquaintance

Demon general

  • Rona: Shiki knew Rona when he was still Larva.
  • lo: Currently unknown If he has meet him was still a Larva
  • Reft: Currently unknown If he has meet him was still a Larva


He takes a different approach and interest to each of the students, allowing them to make their own choices.

  • Jin: Shiki want him to become a researcher in the Kuzunoha Company because he sees talent in him that has the potential to make him become one of the best first-class researchers.
  • Sif Rembrandt: He doesn't hold any bad feelings about her. He knows that she will be recruited to the Kuzunoha Company in the end because of the connection between Raidou and Patrick Rambrandt, even if she has the necessary talent to be hiring.
  • Yuno Rembrandt: He holds the same feelings to Yuno just like he holds for her big sister.
  • Amelia: He is vigilant of her who is from the Hopelace family. So, he don't want her recruited into Kuzunoha Family. But after hearing the reason why she wants to be recruited, she is under an agreement that she must do for Kuzunoha Company for Kuzunoha side. In the end, she is recruited as Temporary employee. Anyway, he don't have any love interest to her.
  • Daena
  • Misura
  • Izumo

Gods and goddesses


  • Goddess: The first meeting with her was terrifying for him, he doesn't realize that she has so much magic power. He was trembling with fear but he was able to gather enough strength to talk for the sake of his master, Misumi Makoto.


  • Eating nabe and searching new ingrediant and recipie of nabe
  • Research about Graunt
  • Research magic and developing new knowledge in theoretical and practical of magic


  • A Lich is the highest point of an undead, but as an undead is an Earth element existence. In other words, there’s no undead that should be able to go against Behemoth but Shiki is able to fight against him and defeat him (seal him).
  • He is the only one out of Misumi Makoto servants that is capable of returning to his original form.


Tends to overwork himself putting off sleep.