"I was born as an excelling magic tool! After several hundreds of years, I gained will! And I Collected souls as an existence that connects worlds! And I was finally able to obtain the status of God" (Samal)



An ominous gate it have a look that could be correct to called it the Hell’s Gate.made from unknown material but it has a bony looks and double door, and at the top of the gate, an expressionless face is placed The height is that of a two story building.





A Magic tools that a will of its own after thousands of years uses souls as a way to grow its power and gained a technique that has reached the level of divinity

obtained volition, and obtained the status of God he Desire to reach further beyond

Opinion on Other Characters

Misumi Makoto see him as a idiot and fool

  • Kanart Io (Father)
  • Cass Tort (Mother)
  • Tomoe "Shen"
  • Shiki
  • Goddess 
  • Gods


Transferred to different worlds

Able to shift To it own dimensional dominion

Summon other beings and items to fight

High speed regeneration

Ability to know how many forms of life in a world and qualities of souls ( Life & Souls Sensor?)