• Rotsgard Academy Town a town focused on research and studies.

Education facilities

  • Library
  • Training Grounds
  • They are another academies in the surrounding towns and the main academy of Rotsgard Is the goal of the students it is where all the top students attend group that had focused in one talent well have difficult to satisfy the level of the other fields that are being requested in Rotsgard
  • The policy of the main academy demand a minimum level of skill in set areas from all the students

Restaurants shop and public places

  • Gotetsu - a restaurant in the Town
  • Slums most of the dam-human
  • The variant that turned into a giant tree become a center of a public park that represents the town. This is the biggest and newest park in this town, with two big trees as its symbol. In order to not forget about the variant incident, an inscripted stone monument has been made and has become the grave-marker for the many lives that were lost, and it is also a place that’s treated as a location to comfort the spirits of the dead. It is a location that doesn’t lack in people.