Root (ルト) is one of the Superior Dragons watching the world from the shadows. She/He is one of the people who built the Adventurer's Guild together with his/her deceased husband. He is an existence that is treated on equal footing with the Goddess.


Vol 08a - 005

Root in male hyuman form.


Root has the ability to change his/her appearance and gender. In female form, Root is a tall woman with long straight silver hair. As a woman, Root is a high-level beauty that can captivate anyone who catches sight of her. Currently Root looks like a handsome teenage boy.


Dragon form of Root.


Root as a dragon look like a golden occidental/western-style dragon with three pairs of wings with different sizes and two blue gems on his torso. He also has a very strong, muscular body. He can stand on his feet unlike other occidental dragons. His appearance as a dragon is rarely seen because he rarely interacts in dragon form. His dragon's form only appears in old legends.


He has a very flirtatious and easy-going personality. Root enjoys causing mischief and tends to ignore people who are no longer interesting, even if they are blood related.

Root is rarely surprised due to the many things he has seen in his long life. One of the reasons why he likes humans/hyumans is because they never cease to interest and amuse him.

In the past, she really enjoyed her first experiences like having children. She was a little overly eager, as described by Rokuya.


Root once attempted to absorb the powers of all the other Supreme Dragons to become a god.


After Makoto gets forcibly summoned by the Goddess to save the country of Lima, Tomoe, unaware of who actually took her master, assumed that it was either the Goddess or Root who took Makoto. Tomoe, in a fit of rage, falsely confronted Root about Makoto's disappearance.

Makoto first encounters root in chapter 104 at his company store in Academy Town.


  • Misumi Makoto: Root sees him as a new playmate, a love interest, and a new source of fun. Root enjoys flirting with him in a way that makes him uncomfortable and seeing how things turn out for him. If he ever gets a chance to be alone with him or sleep with him, he/she would take a vantage and ravish him to get a child from him. As he discovered that Makoto is from the same world as the members of Apple, the Immortal Adventures, he disregarded his own gender and chose to be a girl in front of him. The main reason: she finally met someone who is amusing and will live forever with her.
  • Mio:
  • Lime:
  • Shiki
  • Otonashi Hibiki: find her somewhat interesting just not much root can see she is capable in the political field But can see how limiting in the Way she thinks is
  • Iwahashi Tomoki: doesn't really find him interesting or desirable As a partner
  • Lily: root find it enjoyable to see what she comes up with
  • Toa: found her and her group to be surprising in there growth as adventurers
  • Joshua:


  • Sofia Bulga: it's since root cut all family connections with Members of her children descendants As her blood Was Strong in Sofia For unknown reasons it cause Sofia to have a hostile relationship with Root But it seems like it didn’t bother her currently their relationship has changed due to root methods she altered sofia memories and It is a unknown exactly how she changed sofia appearance
  • Sou Mamoru : Root says that Makoto would appreciate him and they would be friend because they are alike. "He was a nice guy that you would have liked." Root to Makoto WN 192.

Supreme dragons

it is unknown it blood Relatives she had been manipulating ther memories for sometime causing them to forget about one of them


The 10 members are old acquaintances she is also cause of their immortality and they don't exactly has Angry feelings towards her in the past the males of the Group in truth really did enjoy her company

The relationship she had with the female members in the past currently unknown but judging how she treated the males it was most likely the same for them (If this is incorrect please edit)

servants of the goddess

The swords of the goddess

the half God church


  • High level magic skills
  • He can use all elements.
  • Ability to retain memories after reincarnation and changing gender. ( He has said that he will not reincarnate anymore but he has stopped aging.)
  • Dragon-Hyuman shape-shifting Ability
  • Most powerful AoE attack: It is like a buckshot blaze with a mixture of six elements, and fired looking upwards to increase the scope of it even more. When shot it's like an immense volcano eruption.When one of the buckshot hit the ground that creates a large pillar of light which will create a huge shockwave
  • Heavenly Dragon's Roar: Really large scale (more larger than a big city) roar with the following effect: Coercion, paralysis, petrification, panic, weakening lvl 5 curse disease, spiritual ailment lvl 6 curse disease, bodily function decrease, magic power effectiveness decay, etc...

non-combat abilities

  • Politics
  • tactician
  • negotiator
  • charm
  • Flirt or seduction
  • mischief
  • information gathering




His magic power's color is the same as the goddess, golden light.