The 13 Rings belonging to Shiki that are like enchantments

"13 Step":

1st Step; ‘Wand’; "Magic Empowerment"

2nd Step; ’Sword’; "Body Enhancement"

3rd Step; ’Cup’; "Magic Power Enhancement"

4th Step; ’Coin’ ; "Equipment Enhancement"

5th Step; ‘Keto; " Supplement Healing"

6th Step: ‘Fray’; ‘Sword Emperor Spirit Possession"

7th Step; "Hell; ‘Mist Temple Nivlheim"

8th Step; "Ragnarok"; -First Chain [Raging] //-Second Chain [Mud Sea] //-Third Chain [Gleipnir]

9th Step; "Gemini"; "Supplements and Fulfills; Servant"

  • Summon a clone of himself. Aside from using it as a scapegoat, it said that Shiki is able to place an ability in Gemini before its activation.

10th Step; "Unknown"

11th Step; "Unknown"

12th Step; "Unknown"

13th Step; "Unknown"