Picnic Rose Garden is a mercenary group that has high combat ability and excels at defensive battles.


Yaso-Katsui Valley a labyrinth dungeon that stretches underneath a valley.

a labyrinth that extends underneath Yaso-Katsui it is the dwelling of Superior Dragon ‘Night Clad’ -Futz- has created as the 20th floor of the labyrinth, also known as Rose Garden it Where the mercenary group Picnic Rose Garden, are using as their base

Known Members

  • Vivi, who is the leader of the mercenary group
  • Nomad, or also known as Noma; is the one in charge of the foreign affairs in the mercenary group.
  • the one in charge of leading the priest team, Kremyu,
  • the one in charge of leading the martial artist and frontline team, Ageha,
  • Dorasena the finance manager for the group
  • They are the brains of Picnic Rosegarden.