Patrick Rembrandt (パトリック・レンブラント) is the owner of the Rembrandt Company.


He is a tall man of hard appearance, his muscles are well defined. He has long dark green hair and has a majestic fine mustache.


Patrick Rembrandt is a hardworking man who deeply values his family, subordinates, and allies. He has a serious demeanor while working His personally changes with his family he’s more of a doting father and husband.

(From manga to the novel his personality could very based on the events Different perceptions in both showing him a old Man who is soft heart and kind and having a very event full past and And the other picture of him being Cold and restless in his younger years )

Under all of that however is a cold-blooded businessman, willing to go to almost any lengths to ensure the success of his company.


(The manga history may not share the same history with the novel. Since Hanza Company  only exist in manga Which differs to some degree of the novel )

According to manga. he was greatly helped by Hanza Company and had a romantic relationship with the daughter or his benefactor during his younger days. Sometime later after the loss of his benefactor, he literally lost also his lover due to some scheme for her. Furthermore, he did what he could to find those criminals involved with her assasination. However, there are no results came in and later drowned himself to over-worked to support both companies.

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In later incounted his future wife and later had children in nearly lost then due to a curse his meeting Makoto who was going by a different name became someone he greatly trust due to him saving his family


presently working for independence away from the Aion kingdom


It is unknown what his skills in fighting are, if any.

  • Non-combat skills
  • Skill the organization and management
  • Skilled in negotiate and strategy
  • Skilled and reading people


Kuzunoha Company

Rembrandt Company

Merchant Guild members

  • Zara: Long time friends and rivals, Zara was also interested in Lisa and they began quarreling, later Zara also showed interest in their daughters Sif and Yuno, probably because they resemble their mother

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