Otonashi Hibiki (音無響) is a human from Earth and the second hero to arrive.



Hibiki (Manga)

Hibiki is a beautiful young woman with long black hair and black eyes.


Hibiki is said to be highly calculative and socially flexible in a way that best suits her for political positions. As a Hero and adventurer she excels at fast, close range combat and works to improve her weaknesses in long-range techniques and strategies to become a more well rounded fighter and combat leader. She tends to be biased towards positions she is born into and has difficulty acting outside of those. For example, she arrives on the hyuman side of the hyuman-demon conflict and under the influence of the Goddess, thus views positions counter to these as incorrect or less just positions. As such, she sees the demon race as simply an anti-Goddess rebellion group and believes there's no other way but to sacrifice the freedom of one side into order to achieve the greater good.

Hibiki's motivation for coming into the Goddess's world was to challenge herself. In her previous world, she was born into a successful family and was talented in ways to where she never had difficulty meeting the goals and expectations of the people and positions around her. She would have lived a life where she could attain anything, and she was bored. In the Goddess's world: war, magic, other intelligent races and otherworlders -- in addition to the different social and political landscape -- challenged her. It was finally possible for her fail, even after giving it her best for the first times in her life.

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Hibiki is noted to be sociable, calculative, charismatic and possesses a challenger-mindset.

In both worlds, she took up the most influence position she could ever attained within her means t0 shape things into her ideals :

  1. president of student council in High School on Earth
  2. Hero/Advisor in Limia Kingdom.

She is capable of analyse and understand the current affair, formulating the best solution, counter-plans against failures, leading the conversation to extract information she desired to acquire and convincing people. For instance, she managed to coax some of younger nobles to share her ideals in creating a meritocracy country even if it means that the young nobles have to forsake their privileges

As a sentiment of her strong belief in potential of people, she uphold the ideal that "if one tries enough, they may to change things". This constituted to her strong mind that beckon for challenges, which is part of her charismatic nature. However, this mindset does have its flaw. As someone who always stand on top of others (the one who deprives), she is incapable of recognizing the concept that there are people who will be the weaklings perpetually. She had placed everything of different standings on the same plane in her head, and argue for the sake of it. For instance,

  1. She sees the Majins as terrorist as they are minorities who rebel against the majority.

This stemmed from her idea that Majins are intellectual being like hyumans; they should be aware that they had no other option other than being the oppressed because they have the option of "trying" to work hard to "enter" the hyuman society like some of the demi-hyuman. Since Majins chose not to put in effort to change things peacefully from the inside, despite being aware how "useless" a war is, they are just terrorists.

  1. During in her conversation with Makoto about the war, she suggested that Makoto is aiding the elongation of the war by not siding the hyumans despite being a human himself. She think he should join the hyuman, who is the majority, to end the war. She failed to understand Makoto's reason of diving into Medicine (to cure people from illness and curse), why Makoto thinks that the Majins are being cornered way too much to resort to war.

Due to her challenger-mindset, she is sometime prideful and quick in assuming things. When Mio adviced her that Makoto is way stronger than her, she refuse to accept that Mio's words that she will never reach Makoto's level initially. When she accept Makoto is the ownership of a much higher ability than her, she reached the conclusion that Makoto is dangerous since she cannot "control" him through senpai-kouhai relationship before the face-to-face conversation. With that strain of thought, she relentlessly refute Makoto's point of view about the war and how she should be considerate towards the Majins. Even after Makoto pointed out her obsession of "winning" the war, she postponed thinking about his words by accepting her desire to kill Io.


Hibiki comes from a successful family and been talented in a way everything came easy to her that made her unsatisfied. She was class president with top grades and many accolades. It was said that she would have lived an easy life had she continued living on Earth.


Hibiki's summoning was different from Makoto who is called by female deity. She is summoned in Limia Kingdom in order to be a hero under the Goddess's blessing. After he summoning, she begin to train in fighting. She became a top soldier thanks for her sword technique that is different from the one's present and a higher sword skill than the common soldier.

With skill in sword technique that reach kingdom knight, she become high heroes under blessing by Goddess that have mission against demon army, But, without war experience, she is newbie that having her subordinate blow itself like Naval. She feel depressed but strong mind make her stand again with hatred and revenge in her mind.

She finally is rescued to Limia Kingdom under agreement between Makoto and Goddess that her life is saved twice. But, she sometimes feel like loser from how Kuzunoha save her.

When she see Makoto from the past, He just a Kouhai on her school live. After understanding him, he has a great power and skill above her. She sometimes emotional to Makoto because she can't do anything like convincing him for kingdom. In truth, she closed her fear under her word that he is against the goddess.

Including convince Makoto, she know if she is being rock head. Makoto might going to make negative image on her kingdom, Limia Kingdom. Predicting that Makoto is like goddess, she is consequently losing before starting the war. Then, she know that reason of war is personal and no truth of solution that Makoto is nodded to help Limia in Demon war.

Until that, no change after war that have many victim in two side. Many victim of war is slowly migrating to Asora.


Otonashi is a skilled combatant and capable of fighting top tier opponents after a few weeks of training.

Magic skills

A long range technique using a sword

Close quarters combat style: She use her speed that she gain from the fusion with her summoned beast (Name?) to attack her enemy with her sword then continue to evade enemy' attack and attack just after.

skilled in several styles of swordsmanship

Non-combat skills




  • She can't hold the power of strength from Demon who get many advantage from physic attack and body that healed automatically.
  • Her movement is fast but no use for high power for Misumi Makoto because he can detect and resist it, and don't have magic as advantage as swordman who is given herself in battle. Only, magic neutralizer that she has for battle but it is not use if strength and physic attack and execution in the middle of battle. So,Her strength and movement is in the middle to below than Misumi Makoto that hold many strength and movement to kill without sound.


She received several items from the goddess and a sword made for her by Kuzunoha Company


First sword bastard sword

Second one she received made for her by Kuzunoha Company Beren

Armor: the abilities boost when her armor transforms with a familiar


Companions (charmed by Hibiki's Charisma)

  • Naval: A friend and comrade And the reason she has a grudge towards lo in the seats of her unaware discrimination towards the demon race.
  • Bredda: She is aware of his feelings towards her but she doesn't have that much of an interest having a romantic relationship with him and sees him as a friend and comrade.
  • Wudi
  • Chiya: She's like a little sister.


  • Iwahashi Tomoki: Hibiki think he's a rude and weird guy, finding discomfort in being around him and a dangerous person after the war with the demon race. To her it seems like all he's doing is playing around with girls and producing offspring left and right. even though she knows he is stronger in attack power she still feels she should be able to handle him.
  • Lily: She doesn't know much about her plans or how she's manipulating Tomoki and others around her, but she is aware something is off about her
  • Toa: Quite impressed with her party and her skilled.
  • Joshua: She's is one of the few people who know that the prince is actually a woman, she considers her a friend.
  • Misumi Makoto: She only views him as her kouhai (junior) and nothing more and nothing less. She has a few ideas of how to deal with him but not sure if it would work. but she have to be very cautious since she knows how his powers is in the realm of supreme dragons and maybe even above them she understands that one wrong decision with him could be dangerous. Now, she view Makoto as the most dangerous human in that world since she cannot control his "power".
  • Tomoe "Shen: She had taught her some kendo skills. Initially, she thought that Tomoe is stronger than Makoto.
  • Shiki: Amazed by the level power he showed during the attack on the capital even though she see him as a undead skeleton for the first Time later as a hyuman she's unaware which one his real self.
  • Mio: Hibiki becomes an admirer of Mio after exchanging Japanese cooking lessons for Mio's fighting lessons starting in chapter 89, while she is retraining herself in Tsige. After Chiya told Hibiki that Mio is the Black Calamity Spider that her group once battled, Hibiki's feelings toward Mio become more complex.
  • Waterfall: To Hibiki, Waterfall is a wise dragon and seen like there’s similarities between them. Both are calculative and manipulative. Should they find someone who they cannot control or deal with, they will think of ways to remove them from their sight. Waterfall attempted to remove Makoto providing a dubious method of returning to Earth (knowing that it may not work), while Hibiki attempted to convince Makoto to use the "method".
  • Root
  • Lime Latte : Hibiki first meets Lime in the Lorel Union as he is investigating her under the pretext of looking into trade relations for the Kuzunoha Company. Although unaware of this, she still uses him as an indirect way to test the reaches of Makoto's and the Kuzunoha Company's influence on their employees. Her charisma almost charmed Lime. But once he is forced to contact Tomoe, he remembers his past loyalties and heads back home (WN 198). In the same encounter, she also confesses to Lime and asks him to marry her, but it is uncertain how much of her confession represents her true feelings and how much is part of her attempt to diminish Makoto and the Kuzunoha Company's influence while extracting information from him through seduction.
  • Sairitz
  • Joshua



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