Munakata Natsu (宗像夏) is the owner of Munakata Dojo and the one who trained Makoto in the usage of the bow and uchine.


She has a scar on the lower and upper side of her left eye and several scar on body


A direct and blunt personality and sense humor


Much about her is unknown but what is known as the dojo she is the head of has a long history that goes back to the times when it used it’s techniques for killing on the battlefield She herself has mentioned she has been in very dangerous situation as well as people she worked with in dangerous places And she passed on the Secret techniques Of her family dojo to Makoto It is unknown what kind of weapon she used in those situations as her time in combat Zones Most likely as marksman or sniper it Is possible she did use a bow in certain situations


Misumi Makoto:She is quite strict on him see that he is with you Can consider a prodigy in archery She decided to teach him secret techniques for families that was meant for the battlefield