Misumi Makoto (深澄真) is the main protagonist of the series. He is one of the three World Traveler's who went to the fantasy world - the Goddess' World, though his reason for going there differs from the other two. He is the third person and a supposed hero candidate who arrive roughly 2 months after Iwahashi Tomoki, the first hero summoned. Eventually, he is thrown-off into the edge of the world(wasteland) without the title nor blessings of a hero from the goddess. He decided to become neutral and independent. He thought to use his knowledge from his previous world and apply it in the parallel world where his parents had lived before. Beginning his journey for searching about his family's past in the Goddess' World.

He is also known by the alias Raidou Kuzunoha, a powerful merchant and skilled teacher.


Makoto is a short and young teenage man with black mid-length hair and eyes. His facial features are average in appearance but to those of the Goddess's world, he is considered ugly and/or being mistaken as a demi-human of some kind.

When his mana is not kept in check by his mana absorbing rings, his mana overflows and looks like a ominous desert haze. and Gives off an aura that can be seen as great power that others respond to in different ways He is in no way negatively affected by this ominous desert haze As he’s unaware of its presence And less he is used Sakai .

Emotionless eye

He can look at someone's in a dissinterested Way when he's in emotional state that can be quite dangerous is most visible when his eyelets dark around his eyes



Like many other students his age, Makoto is quite naive. In sports and his studies he is barely on average. Thus he is in no way considered special. This causes him to feel empathy towards individuals who are looked upon less favorably in the world as is the case of demi-humans, mamonos and demons. So he has no qualms about helping them selflessly, even if that generates bad opinions of him among the Hyuman society. 

According to his elder sister (Extra chapter 5), in his perspective of love, he always ended up seeing the girls who confessed to him to status of "family" and "friends". According to Tsukuyomi, Misumi's earnest and humble personality has led to many girls take a liking towards him, which is especially obvious for his Archery club president and a club activities kohai.  

Even so, many characters in history have described Makoto's personality as "extremely dangerous", which is not solely because of his great power, but also the fact that he did not hesitate to commit mass killings or to become an enemy of the Goddess itself, if he thinks it is necessary.

According to Otonashi Hibiki, Makoto has developed a thought process where he unconsciously discriminates against the Hyumans.

He has the tendecy to unconsciously smile when angered. That face of his is seen for the first time by his followers Tomoe and Shiki. It is seen in the incident where he was angered by the god Samal, when he insulted his parents whom he loved deeply. Misumi became ridiculously angry after hearing his insults. Then, Misumi attacks him with his bow and arrow as a declaration of battle.

After one-sidedly being cornered by Misumi, Samal runs away into his dimension understanding that he is no match for Misumi. Samal then gets dragged by Misumi back to Asora. Samal did not know what to do when Misumi tortures him. This conflict becomes an important influence for Kuzunoha Company. Even Tomoe and Shiki, his followers can't believe this side of Misumi. Besides that, Misumi Makoto beats him with his created hands from the top and barrages him with arrows from the bottom until Samal can't speak anymore. Until news spread mouth to mouth, more believers follow him. It becomes apparent that Misumi Makoto possesses enough power to trample a god.

As a ruler, he models Asora as a beautiful paradise fit to be called heaven. He provides asylum and protection to all races who want a peace from the war and suffering granted they can get along with other races. Citizens eventually look at him as a living god, who saved them and guaranteed them his protection. In Asora discrimination is not included in his rule. He is seen as a humble leader by everyone in Asora. His merchant alias, Raidou catches attention by many nations and factions. He is vigilant of migration to Asora, and considers it necessary for the races who wish to migrated to have an amiable personality and not to discriminate other races. From a bitter experience when a greedy adventurer brought to Asora plunders and escapes by killing a Highland Orc and Tomoe mini while severely injuring an Arke, he chases after her to Tsige and kills her without showing any mercy. It is in this incident, where he has killed his first Hyuman after coming to this world and though initially he is heartbroken, he deals with it and decides that killing is necessary.

After landlord protection, he unconsciously made an expansion to Asora. It is like a new world. He is treated as a superpower. He tries to make all of his citizens of different races prosper. News of Asora being paradise begins to spread along the wasteland. Migration proposals begin arriving for the Mirage town in the wasteland. In the final interview for accepting a race into Asora, he shows great respect and is very humble. He is seen not as a landlord but as a god who gives shelter and commodities to his subjects. He accumulates many believers who worship him at the shrine in Asora and offer their prayers. When Misumi hears that, he finds it very uncomfortable to be seen as something great like a God. He asks Tamaki to convince the people to stop worshiping him as he does no consider himself a God. He has difficulty dealing with people who are good at hiding their true intentions under a fake smile . It makes him very uneasy and difficult to trust them. He naively tries to classify people as either friend or foe. He tries not to over-think it and feels it is a lot easier to punish or kill his foes while maintain an amiable relationship with his friends.

Same as before coming to this world, he still has difficulty dealing with women who have feelings for him and is especially oblivious to certain types of feelings towards him, despite having many girls who have taken a liking towards him. He is seen as a late-bloomer by many as he refuses the advances of many women. When Mio was given a choice to ask for anything she wants for defeating more number of mutants in the Academy Town, she asks that he sleep with her but quickly hesitates and changes the request. But Misumi who at that moment is drunk thinks it is not too far-fetched and that he wouldn't mind sleeping with her.

He doesn't really think about long-term problems that could arise from killing because of his normal response to being attacked or angered. As a result when he is attacked by the three Shadowless class Assassins during his stay in Lorel Union, he effortlessly murders them when he remembers that these girls were sent by the empires hero Tomoki. This causes him to be on bad terms with Pione and Picnic Rose Garden as a whole as she is close friends with one of the three assassins who had her head brutally crushed by Misumi.


His given name, "Makoto" using the Kanji 「真」 means “truth/reality”, which is ironic because he was born on the 1st of April, which is the April Fools Day. This has caused his older sister Yukiko to question their parent's naming sense, since she to has an oddity relating to her and her sisters name also.

As for the surname "Misumi" 「深澄」, the first kanji means "deep" while the second means "transparent". This surname was given by the Goddess to Makoto's parents, when they decided to leave her world and move to a different world(which by Goddess's choice was Earth(The Origin World)). The origin of the name is based on the meaning of Makoto's parents real name in Goddess World's common language, with "Io" meaning "deep" and "Tort" meaning "transparent".


Before being transferred into a fantasy world, Makoto was actually a high school student that had no ambition in his school life. He continued training earnestly in archery, but never participated in any official competition upon the request of his sensei. When he was enjoying archery at his archery club, Hasegawa and the to be clubs president, Azuma confessed to him which made him surprised.

Aiming to confess her feelings, Makoto didn't get why she worked so hard to improve in archery. She began to acknowledge his skill in archery and suddenly confessed to him. Until he was called into another fantasy world by the god Tsukuyomi, he feels that he can't simply go out with a girl despite her having feelings for him. Though upon her request he gives her a chance to go on a date with her. He feels uneasy whenever he sees her. Keeping away his uneasiness, he goes home and rests on his bed and gets called upon by Tsukuyomi.

It is revealed in chapter 102 that Makoto's father was a noble in the country of Kaleneon and his mother was a priestess of the Goddess, also from the country Kaleneon.


Without the knowledge of his family, Misumi Makoto is called into a fantasy world by the god Tsukuyomi, in order to become a hero. However, the Goddess that governs the other world isn't thrilled to have him there, simply because of his lacking appearance. She berates him and throws him off to the edge of the world. He is rescued by Tsukuyomi and given the permission to live as he sees fit by the name of Tsukuyomi. He feels anger towards the goddess because of her 'ugly' mouth and personality. He does not have any direct plan to seek revenge on the Goddess.He meets with the Highland Orcs and after a sequence of events ends up forming a Ruling Contact with the Superior Dragon Shen. He just wants to help other races that suffer from slavery and poverty. He later on meets with the Elder Dwarves and fights the Calamity Spider and ends up forming a Ruling Contract with her also.He begins inviting races to live in Asora, a world formed after the contract between Misumi and the Superior Dragon Shen. The Highland Orcs, Elder Drarves, Mist Lizardmen(Familiars of the Superior Dragon Shen) and Arkes(considered children of the Calamity Spider) decide to move to Asora and pledge their loyalty and servitude to Misumi. He can't agree about how the world is going on the whim of the Goddess. He names his two followers Tomoe (Superior Dragon Shen) and Mio (Black Calamity Spider) respectively.

He maintains neutrality in matter's of war and wants to know about his family after he finds his new friends and followers who intend to follow him until the end. So, he goes to the Hyuman town nearest to the wasteland, and gets attacked by the guards because of him radiating his mana unconsciously and being unable to converse with the Hyumans as he was not granted the ability to speak the common tongue. He later conceals his power, wears a mask and decides to venture into the town again. Though he is unable to speak the common language properly, he uses magic to write the characters and communicates with the Hyumans this way. This time he describes himself as a peddler from the wasteland, which surprises the guards of Zetsuya city and is let into the town. He starts to trade with the help of his followers who are well versed in the common language. After that, he finds an interesting matter of slavery due to debt and decides to help. After rescuing the victims, he embarks together with them towards Tsige.

He goes on to migrate many races to Asora and begins selling the products of Asora in the Hyuman towns. After his registration in the Adventures Guild and destroying the town of Zetsuya accidentally, he decides to embark towards the nearest influential and major town Tsige. Upon arriving at Tsige he visits the Adventure Guild and sees a request by the Rembradt Company to deliver some raw material which he has in his inventory. He visits the Rembradt store and delivers the goods. He develops an amiable relationship with Patrick Rembradt, the representative of the Rembrandt Company. Misumi then registers at the Merchants Guild and finishes the Guild examination with a perfect score in a day. He decides to become a merchant and founds the Kuzunoha Company. The Kuzunoha Company does not discriminate and employs demi-humans. It becomes very popular because of superior quality goods and very reasonable prices. He declares Kuzunoha Company as having a neutral standing in middle way from the war between heroes and demons, but expresses that he will mercilessly punish anyone who intends to harm Kuzunoha Company and its employees. After helping the Rembradnt family members get rid of a terrible curse, he decides to embark to Academy Town. He makes a contract with a new follower, an undead elder lich and names him Shiki.

While on the way towards Academy Town, he is abducted by the Goddess and is thrown off in the middle of a demon units assault on the Limia Kingdom. He is attacked by the Superior Dragon Lancer and the Dragon Slayer Sofia who have sided with the demon race and are serving as vice generals. He manages to escape while delivering a powerful blow to the attackers. He is then healed in Asora by Mio and after waking up, he goes to the Academy town to take the test and while instructing his followers to find a way to counter the abduction(Forced Summon) of the Goddess. Upon finishing his test with an impressive result, he becomes a part-time teacher at Rotsgard Academy in the Academy town. He also buys a suitable plot of land here and constructs his store. After a series of events, he meets with the Guild Master of the Adventures Guild Falz, who also happens to be the Chief of the Superior Dragons, Myriad Colors aka Root. Root who is now a man tells Misumi that he can change into a woman anytime he wants and is waiting for the time Makoto would decide to sleep with Root. However Makoto is incredibly grossed out by Root and refers to him as "Pervert Root". Later on Makoto delivers the recipe of one of his products to the Church of the Goddess upon their request. He later is invited to meet with the Representative of Merchants Guild, Zara. Upon meeting him and being verbally berated by him, Makoto is cornered and starts to loathe himself. After the Academy town of Rotsgard is attacked by Mutated Hyumans(Mutants), Makoto decides to play the hero of justice instead of blindly helping the people. He waits for the most opportune time to help the residents.

Vol 09 - 009

Makoto and his magic armor vs Sofia

Now he is considered a Superpower by the Major powers and is praised as a hero by the people of Rotsgard. He helps in the reconstruction of the destroyed city while answering the summons of the representatives of major powers. He once again gets summoned by the Goddess to go save Hibiki and does so while acquiring the gift of speaking the common language as a form of payment. He saved Hibiki by fighting the Demon Army General Io while Shiki slayed Lancer. In the midst of the fight with Io, Sofia joined in the battle to kill Makoto. After witnessing the prowess of Makoto, Rona agreed to withdrawn the demon army from Limia and the fortress, leaving Sofia behind. Later, Sofia who escaped after losing in the fight in the alternate dimension where she thought she could kill Makoto in it. After the end of the war, he delivers the 3 Dragon eggs of the Superior Dragons which were slain and absorbed by Sofia upon the request of Root to 2 different locations. He visits the Empire first and when he meets the Empires hero Tomoki, Tomoki offers three of his slaves for Tomoe and threatens to kill Makoto if he does not take the deal. Makoto is very angered by the fact that Tomoki treats Tomoe as an object and beats up Tomoki. He then visits the Superior Dragon Grount and upon effortlessly finishing her challenging trial he delivers the egg of the Superior Dragon Lancer.

Makoto also visits the Demon Territory ruled by the the Demon Lord Zef, where he is welcomed grandly and treated with the utmost respect. He discusses various things and conveys his stance of neutrality while also mentioning his intent to sell resources to the Demons to improve their quality of living. He saves the capital from the High spirits going rampant because of a terrorist organizations ploy. He then has a bout where he takes on the four Demon Generals at the same time. Here, terrorists intrude upon the match and use the Grand Scepter, a National treasure of the fallen Major Power Elision to destroy the capital along with Zef and his subordinates. The treasure ends up summoning the Superior Dragon Chief Root, who does an immensely powerful wide area attack which is blocked by Makoto as he uses creation for the first time and using his creation, the Silver Arms, crushes the attack. He is then revered as a hero by the Demons and the Demon Lord candidate and the Demon Lord's alleged daughter Sari becomes his slave without his consent travels with him. She is then imprisoned for life in Asora.

He visits the Limia Kingdom next to answer the summons of Prince Joshua and also to deliver the egg of the Superior Dragon Waterfall. Here he met with Hibiki who eventually learnt of the true and devastating power of the Kuzunoha Company company which has the power to take on the Major Powers as well as the Goddess. Henceforth , the Kuzunoha Company is considered a third power in the conflict between the Hyumans and the Demons and nothing can touch them. When she tries to convince Makoto to side with the Hyumans and annihilate the Demon Race, he bluntly refuses and realizes that his and her ideologies vastly vary. He tells Otonashi Hibiki that the Goddess governing the world didn't have the least qualifications to be a Goddess. They both have a bout before the conversation and it is declared to have ended in a draw. But, it was apparent to Hibiki that Makoto was not serious and had the intention to declared a loss.

Later he travels to the Lorel Union with the intent to recruit the Mercenary Group known as Picnic Rose Garden to aid the town of Tsige in matters of defense as they are seeking for independence from the kingdom of Aion during the civil war. He comes across assassins sent by Tomoki and easily kills them.


As a hyuman who was born on Earth, Makoto is shown to have seemingly incorporated the best qualities of both hyumans and humans, that means a large mana pool from his hyuman part and a superhuman body due to the harsh conditions of the Original World where he lived as a human.


  • Actual Magic Power/ Pool

Makoto has Magic Energy close to a god. With his power he can influence Asora. All in Asora occurred because of his power. Even so, he can stand after the goddess without falling back forward Shiki who scared in his first time meeting the goddess. His magic power increases each time he does his "Mind and Magic Enhancement" or when he increase his number of servants.

  • "Number One Origin; Materia Prima " (Presumed name by Root)
It is an armor utilized a large magic capacity - a Magic Power Mass. Yet, it isn’t just magic power, an application method of magic power that’s not magic, enabling it to do physical interference. However, the expenditure of its magical capacity is extremely high, so only someone like Makoto who has an abnormal amount of magical power can use this technique. (Trivia: for almost thousand of years of hyuman researchers to make this, no one has ever succeeded to accomplished their ideals. It is only Misumi Makoto finally created it perfectly without a single day. It seems that an another otherworlder create that theory but was unable too use it and abandon it.)
  • Magic Knowledge
His knowledge in magic techniques beginning with elements Magic and combining all sorts of elements to a brid (basic magic) and rearranged the aria to becomes different skill. He also can talk a lot different languages because of "Mastery of Words" ,like Magic Basic Language or Ancient Language, that permit him to grasp really quickly how magic work and how to change it or how to improve it. When he understand how basic magic chant work, he stops chanting because it's more simpler and easy to use this ways and with his magic pool he can bring it to it's fullest potential even this way. He has affinity with the element in that order (Water > Darkness > Fire > Earth > Thunder). He can neither utilize Wind nor Healing element. It seems he have created the Moon element and for now is the only user known (he can use it in both Asora and the Goddess' World).
Different types of element to Magic
  • Spells
  1. Paradise Protector, [ Guardian ] : specialty enhancement
  2. Sharp Blade of Determination, [ D-Rapier ] : power enhancement
  3. Conviction, [ White Card ] : status ailment nullification
  4. Lunar Halo: The Moon became red, red light rings are created arount it and they slowly widen. After saying the name of the spell, rain dropped incessantly at an unimaginable speed from the red light rings targeting is foe.

-Effect- It has the effect of buffing, debuffing, and destroying, it can be activated at a wide range and he can choose the target.

46 degree Lunar Halo Kopie

a real [Lunar Halo]

-Aria-"Moon/My enemy and the temporary lives that she has created…/Shoot them down equally/[Lunar Halo]". To cast this aria Makoto use the full power of his comprehension ability (with Mastery of Words he acquired, it's now apparently called a "Wisdom" ability rather than a comprehension ability by the others Gods) and create a new complex magic aria language that nobody understand.

  • Magic taught by servants
  1. Isolation and illusion: used to traps targets mind in a sleep illusion used on the students in Rotsgard, taught by Tomoe and Shiki
  2. Alteration memory or memory manipulation: used on the Toa's group except on Toa and Rinon, taught to him by Tomoe.

Special Ability

  • Sakai or Realm

A skill which Makoto received thanks to the blessings of Tsukuyomi: Multifunctional Magic which Makoto relies on a lot. It can be used in various methods: healing others, increase his strength, detection, and many more. He can use it for his weapon. With Sakai, all place under his sakai can be influenced all kind of his ability which he want to, healing, and all kind use belong to Sakai with his power. He can use two proprieties at the same time (like when he uses it with Strengthening and Healing to boost it's healing propriety).

  1. Strengthening : he can bring a ton object. Like tree within muscle of human, he can bring it himself without problem.
  2. Detection and Scanning: He can detect enemy within radius 4 km. He can even see random object from afar. He can also check the effect of an abilities or skills.
  3. Healing: He can heal without chant. It effect on his follower power.
  4. Barrier: His barrier is strong from amateur class even the most strong.
  5. Intercepting thought transmissions: He can intercept thought transmissions within a 3km radius.
  • Creation

It seems that Makoto has the really rare godly ability of creation (it's rare even within the gods). Even if create one small rock from nothing can be called Creation, Makoto create his Silver Arms (or Silver Rush) from nothing. The Goddess(Bug) also have the power of Creation but her power is not almighty, she creates hyumans and other species like demons and demi-humans who doesn't satify her. However, she didn't create all this world, she only add her own creation and ask for cooperation of the actual resident like some manomos, unique existence like Mio and the Superior Dragons. If we can count Asora as one of Makoto's creation, we can say that his Creation powers are already superior to those of the Goddess.

“[...]. That is the vessel of creation; the ability to give concrete form from an image.” (Shiki) WN192

  • Mastery of Words

The last blessing or so-called Payment for service by Goddess. Allowing the user to communicate with all the other species in the world. Initially, Makoto couldn't use common language (language hyuman) but he could talk all the other non-hyuman language even manomos like Rizurs or the horses. After dealing with the war at the Limia's Capital based on the agreement with Goddess, he can use all word to all kind race even common language.

"It is commonly known as one of the powers that grants understanding. It is a power that lets you communicate with anyone. It is a “rare” power that only a few great men hold." (Daikokuten) WN 169

  • Mind and Magic Enhancement

According to Tomoe, as he is playing 'archery' when his mind goes blank as he hit the middle of the target accurately, it becomes scary. Just thinking about that and concentrating on it by spreading his consciousness, it is changing his own existence into everything concentrating to the path of his target. His presences become zero or more like a death aura of a deceased person. But when he released the arrow and hit the target his mana capacity and presence become double every time he do that. Increasing his physical strength and capacities. It is more like increasing his own limits that equals or surpassed the mana and magic powers of a Gods.[1] However, Makoto told her that it is just a repetition to calm his mind and body. [2]

Martial skills

  • Judo

He has a basic knowledge of this skill, self-taught when his big sister use him as a training mannequin. Used once to keep on the ground the women of the Rembrandt family when they were in ghoul form (curse).

  • Kendo (Iaido)

He had the same teacher as Otonashi Hibiki even if the both of them don't know that. His basic skill in kendo help Tomoe ( with the iai ) and Shiki ( with the 6th Step: ‘Fray’; ‘Sword Emperor Spirit Possession").

  • Skilled Archer

His accuracy in the archery has one hundred percent direct hit to the target. He never miss once using his skill that he love using it in dojo where he is doing it great. In the Extra chapter 11, in the conversation between the three sisters of Norn and Susanoo, Athena and Daikokuten, it's say that Makoto only have one true talent and it wasn't the archery but an another talent that Makoto realized when he was young but decide to turn his eyes away from it. Plus, his talent for archery come from breaking all the difficulties that came hitting him. The fact that he created a true talent from nothing, it's called a Cheat by the three sisters Norn ( the other people that accomplish that though rewriting their talent rather than creating it, are people who change the world like Alexander The Great or Hans Ulrich Rudel).

Tsukuyomi description about Makoto's ability is the ability to concentrate, to concentrate and hit whatever you desire. This ability will eventually surpass the physical boundaries of the world itself. [3]

" [...] It is the ability to always hit a target. This will eventually become a physical law or a concept level ability. There is no level of accuracy that ability cannot reach. [...] " (Susanoo) WN extra 11

Gods' Gifts

  • Sea

A gift of Susanoo where he expanded the territorial dispute of Asora. A pure white sandy beach with a pleasant scent and waves of water. A whole space of water and the horizon that can be seen afar. [4]

  • Tree

A gift of Athena. It is known as Socotra Dragon Tree written as 'Dragon Blood Tree (竜血)'. According to Makoto, it originally grows in places close to where people who hold believe towards that God are. It has a mushroom-shape, size of are huge and it is taller than the normal seen by people. The saps that comes out from the trunk is deep red, and it serves as medicine. It is not only used as ointment and has a trait of hardening in rain as well as a pill.. [5]

  • Shrine/Temple

Shinto Shrine gifted by Daikokuten, Buddhist Temple gifted by Susanoo and Pathelogy Temple gifted by Athena.  [6]

It seems that she is a gift from Tsukuyomi or Amaterasu.

  • Parallel World Precognition -

He started having different nightmares after the visit of the gods. these nightmares were showcasing a different him had things happened different from his current life in the goddess' world (similar to parallel world theory)

In the first dream (happed after the sudden visit of Hibiki to Rostgard for the maintenance of her sword), Makoto seen himself fighting the so-called black knight known as Ilumgand who was killed instantly by (microwave) magic blasting his whole body. This was seen by Hero Hibiki and Priestess Chiya. Hibiki told him that he is indeed a bad person and a monster need to be eliminated. [7] This is likely to happen if Ilumgand was not killed off by Mio after the last hit from his students and after Hibiki pissed Makoto off for exploiting him (which she think it is righteous to do since he is "dangerous").

In the second dream (happened after the visiting the Superior Dragon Grunt), Makoto seen himself stoning in the midst of a desert only to find out that it is the Capital of Lorel. Tomoki then confronted Makoto for the reason of destroying everything, including the soldiers who is attacked Lorel. It was found out in the conversation between them that Hibiki was killed by the Demon and Makoto had killed the Demon Lord. This version of Makoto did not meet the Highland Orc Ema. Instead, he met Tomoki who was cruising through wasteland for a unknown reason. The encounter led to this Makoto falling for the Princess, Lily, and shared her hatred towards the goddess' world and rule. This led to him attempting to destroy the world, while luring the goddess to descend.

In the third dream (happened after the visit to the land of demon), Makoto seen himself (other self) talking to Tomoe where the topic about his path he choose. They kissed before she ended their short conversation, which she also stated that if he gets Zef as his third follower it wouldn't happen but still they will support him till the end. Furthermore, she slowly vanished from the sight of his alternate self. Also it is shown that Demon Lord Zef become his Demon General and his alternate self is the new Demon Lord who is going to dealt with Goddess.[8] Based on the dream, Mio and Tomoe was killed during the confrontation with the goddess and Shiki was not contracted with Makoto.

In the last dream (happened during the visit to the Limia Capital), it is where the alternate Makoto killed and slaughter all the creatures created by Goddess. Due to how close the path they took, the real Makoto could experience and felt all the rage and despair the alternate Makoto are feeling. He find the whole experience awful and disgust if he ownself had to live with this. Based on the monologue of the alternate Makoto, everyone in the goddess' world were "evil" as they (including the heroes) are literally exploiting, destroying and abusing him. At the end of it, Daikokuten showed up and he stated that it is his gift for him and he apologized for having Makoto experience it.[9]

Note: According to Daikokuten explanation, it is a precognition of his alternate selves. It is to show all his possible routes while he still alive. He stated that he is now no longer walking the same path compared to his other selves. The basis is that he had achieved "creation", which the none in the alternate Makoto had.

(This information will still continue)

Unconfirmed Ability

Information below are still unconfirmed. We delete the possibilities of misinformation and biased information.

Reference: WLN ???

Abnormal Body Recovery - No information to be classified by Makoto but somehow his body started to regenerate on its own (never age), recover and heal quickly without the help of his servants. According to the Gods (Daikokuten, Susanoo and Athena), he should use this gift by training his archery skills as usual and presumably he will soon understand that he has a capabilities to defeat the Goddess by using it.

(Need citation and reference where it come from)

Unknown Phenomenon - It is not clearly stated by the author but it is where he becomes a candidate to be granted the title: God by the God of Creation to overlook the world created by Goddess. It is still a hidden secret by the Gods who gave it to him.

(This information is just still unclassified, need citation)

Possibilities: In WLN 211, he asked Hibiki if Goddess was replaced, there is a possibility that a new God will take the throne. This is widely heard (presumed by Gods). This gives them the idea to give him a special accomodation.


Makoto is unable to heal his wounds for himself, since he is not compatible with Healing Magic and Sakai's Curation ability does not work on. He need his follower not only for healing assistance but all power of life and mana that needed like puzzle game. Long time ago after Seiko Lake Incident as renamed now as Devil Lake (reference citation), he can regenerated thanks to the gift from the one of female deities who meet him in Asora, supporting regenerate power from Mio.

He is also a novice type and amateur in terms of business related terms but can evaluate things on his own. Because his power, cleverness, and greatness, he has many good connection. Instead, all of important people including merchant get him respected and feared until the problem when he began to build his medicine business is slowly gone and never get his ear even someone who give him sarcams never speak about him and Kuzunoha Company in negative image anymore.


  • Azusa: A special bow created by the elder dwarves. Have the same propriety as Draupnir, it store magic and then converse it in magical power when he shot an arrow. It glow red like Draupnir when the storage capacity is at the limit.
  • Short Sword: Given as a gift by the Highland Orcs.
  • Draupnir: Magical rings that absorb and compresses the wearers magic. Glow red when the storage capacity is at the limit.
  • Clothes extracts magic power and uses it for various ability settings.
    Misumi Makoto Clothes power
    Magic closing
  • Silver Arms: Gauntlets that Makoto made through his own power of Creation. They are made through a complex method. They are made with the idea to break any magical attack like the shooting of Root or the portal of Samal. "…Now then, you can do it, right? Crush any kind of attacks; that’s what I envisioned in you when I created you. If you are truly my Creation, you should be able to rip up this closed space.” (Makoto) WN 221
  • Dwarf-made ceremonial dress
    Misumi Makoto
  • Bow Youkyuu: it is used during teaching/training the students. It's similar to a toy bow even arrows but with the power and accuracy of Makoto ( even with a skill that reduce his power) the students say that it's like they die each time they are hit.
  • Einkaref: Talking sword that once belonged to Muramatsu Iori It is a long and thin cylindrical shape sword it call The sword of a Dragon Slayer.



Makoto, has a large number of servants of all kinds of races; Hyumans, demi-humans, mamonos, even demons, but among all of them, there are currently 4 servants who are particularly close to him because they made an 80-20 Ruling Pact.


She likes to see interesting parts of his past and Japanese tradition especially about samurais as she wants to called as one which Makoto declines. Even though Makoto doesn't like her to see more of his memories. Because of her hard work to help the Kuzunoha Company and Asora, she is given a last name and is treated like a family and is the first person he relies on. She is a easy going and harsh person at the same time during his impression.


Even though at first, Makoto was kind of creeped out about her before. Mio finds Makoto crucial and never stops to help and protect him. Eventually, He's grown to like and care about her like family even though she wishes for more than that and wants true love from him. He has shown some level of attraction to her. Mio thinks of herself as very intelligent and instinctual, but there are times when Makoto wonders about that. Same as the other followers, she is given a name and treated like family by him.


He is taken into as Makoto's follower after discovering Shiki has intelligence despite he has so many underground experiment in his past. Because of his participation on research and help in development, Kuzunoha Company's growth rises into further profit. He eventually becomes a member of Makoto's family and receives the given last name: Misumi Shiki.


The fourth follower of Misumi Makoto: Given a job in Asora and gives an impression that she is strong even though her mana is not much yet her Combat ability and speed is great to surprise everyone Makoto orders her to stay in Asora, taking care of Sakura blossom, and shinto shrine in Asora. She does her job with great effectiveness keeps up-to-date on all matters even if it's not included in Asora. However, it was mentioned by Makoto that he does not trust her, as he can feel her "hostility" through her eyes.



She is the first person he met in the world depends on and trust to handle various things and as the first person who taught him how magic works he has difficulty dealing with talking to her not formally because his habit Ema herself feel her purpose and responsibilities in helping support him and residence in Asora as a secretary like position and underling to Misumi Makoto's Protection.


Makoto refers her as cute child. He sometimes think that Komoe's manner is same as Tomoe. But, Tomoe feels jealous just see her master keep a look for her, and teases Raidou. According to Makoto, he refers her as his little sister or somehow his own daughter.

Mini Tomoe

Makoto and her has a master-servant relationship. He refers her as Tomoe little sister and he cared about her. When she died due to a hyuman adventurers causing an accident and escape from Asora, his grief drove him to mercilessly kill said adventurer.

Patrick Rembrandt

Makoto has great respect for him as a merchant and as a father. Makoto saved his family from a curse/sickness. His children study under Makoto.


She is the sister of Toa whom Raidou saved. He admires her for making money at her young age, and he appreciates the fact that she plays with Komoe.


He notices that she resembles someone he knows from his previous world and is also amazed how reckless she is a gaining debt. She become a high adventurer and agreed to give some supplies which Raidou needed. She resembles his junior club mate (girl) who confessed to him.


Had a rocky start when they first met, eventually earns his trust and sense of regret after getting into hero faction for long time. Lime works for the company..

Bor: demi-humans who lives in the slums


She was gifted to Raidou after she had make herself a slave without Raidou knowing or involved in the contract ritual directly. It would have being alright for Sari to commit suicide had Raidou chose not to accept this gift, he made a humane choice of accepting her so that she could live on. However, he locked her in Asora so that she could not leak or interact with the demons anymore. She is currently doing her job in Asora recruitment department.


Old world family and friends


He’s had various masters in martial arts that he could not master until he found archery

Munakata Natsu


He Is very close to his family And unaware of his Parents connections to another world until he was sent there


Mythology and animals Resident that do not leave Asora

Asora Residents 

Asora resident first is Wasteland Orc and dragon. It is included that many living thing migration to Asora from Mirage Town in Wasteland. It became unique that all race are gathered in Asora. Even so, less hyuman and demon is living here in peaceful. 

Demi-Human and Mamono

Highland orcs:



  • Kakun
  • Shona

Mist Lizards:

He uses some of them in the training of his students.

Elder Dwarves:

  • Beren: Beren is the first elder dwarf that they meet, not the only one making the equipment. The one Tomoe saves while being chased by The Calamity Spider.
  • Rugui: He is most dedicated and motivated to make an equipment that could almost kill Makoto. He Has a very stern personality and very annoyed at others at times and especially motivated to make an equipment Items to contain Makoto power So much so that it could be quite dangerous Even for Makoto What causes Makoto Worry about him hoping he doesn’t make anything too dangerous


Forest Ogres:

  • Aqua: He considers her reasonable and sensible when she's not with Eris who would drag her into mischief
  • Eris:  He thought of her as a genius or just plain crazy but she can be.
  • Mondo
  • Shii

Fairy Race:

  • Al-Elemera

Aquatic Race:



  • Serwhale: If he wasn't the protector of the sea, Makoto would have want him as a servant like Tomoe, Mio, Shiki and Tamaki.



  • Levi: She is an eccentric Scylla because she wouldn't attack hyumans at sight unlike the other Scylla. She want to fight stronger opponent. When she come in Asora, she was happy because there is a lot of strong species and the Asora Ranking System. When Makoto ask her if she want to fight him, she say " …I just can’t imagine it at all, fighting Makoto-sama. Even so, I don’t feel like it will be boring. At those times, it is mostly because it is an opponent I am unable to do anything about. I am speaking from experience. And so, not yet. By the way, Tomoe-sama, Mio-sama, and Shiki-sama give the same feeling." WN 203


Supreme dragons

  • Root: He considered this person to be at huge dangerous to himself (not in Combat) because his outrageous way of talking and flirting. He is somewhat used to it as time goes by consider his mischiefmaking Can cause root to get punished by his servant (Tomoe). Root stated that he wants to bear his child that Makoto always refused to do so.
  • Lancer Makoto didn't have a good opinion of him And he has no knowledge that shen now called Tomoe who have left the wasteland and was now within the service of Makoto
  • Grount: His first meeting with her went badly. Thanks to Root mischief and he learn to be more careful with how he to talk with her.  
  • Waterfall:he believed she was the serious and polite type and helpful but question her reason for giving him the transfer information book that had dangerous methods.
  • Azuma
  • Doma


  • Iwahashi Tomoki: He does not have a very good impression of him. First, he insulted Makoto. Second, he viewed Makoto's companions as mere objects and that lead to - Makoto effortlessly(less than 1% strength) beat him up. Tomoki is currently traumatized both physically and mentally. After that, Misumi Makoto doesn't want to visit Gritonia anymore. He even think that Tomoki's attitude toward him did not change after the assassin is gathered to assassinate him. So, Misumi Makoto did not think twice to him again.
  • Otonashi Hibiki: They have a Senpai-Kohai relationship (Senior-Junior) since she is the student council president of his same school.Makoto also knows her as successful person who did not face any hardships on earth. But after talking to Tomoe and listening to her opinion, he has become aware and wary of her way of thinking and outlook. He heard from Tomoe that she is just politician in her fantasy world that favors the goddess way of doing things to a certain degree. Makoto slightly understands her thinking that she loves Limia kingdom and wants to protect it but doesn't understand why there should be bloodshed until one side becomes extinct. In the end, he states that sacrificing thousands to millions is not the best solution and wants to destroy the root of the problem - The Goddess.

[From the Hibiki's point of view:] Based on the manga, it was mentioned that Hibiki was envious of Makoto because he is living a fulfilling life by putting effort in it, while she lived a boring live as she was blessed with look, brain, wealth and athletic body. After reuniting with him when she visited Rostgard to maintain her equipment, she find him naive as she can guide the conversation to extract the information she want to know and exploit him using her "sempai" title. She also find him beneath her, to the point where she couldn't understand why Mio, someone who is way stronger than her, would be so obsessed on plain guy like him. During his visit to Limia, she found out that the one who shot the ranged magic on the mist-like creature was him. She became wary of him, especially when he still had the appearance of a normal Japanese despite being in the alternate world of 1 year or so. The wariness escalated exponentially after finding out that he is the "Devil", conversation with waterfall, the warning from Chiyo, her loss in the bout with him and the fact that he intend to stay neutral. This led to a breakdown in the conversation after the bout, where Hibiki refuse to accept that Makoto's POV that the Demon are retaliating from the brink of extinct. Now, she is scheming to continue exploiting Makoto, foolishly disregarding Mio's warning.

Demon general

  • Rona - She become acquaintance with him and have a relatioship not lower than as superior-inferior category. She is still afraid to have a fight with him and she will do everything she can do to prevent Makoto destroy the community of Demon Kingdom.
  • lo
  • Reft
  • Mokuren Kazusa


  • Jin: He is one of the few that find out about Sakai ( but he doesn't know what it is completly, he just know that it's one of the power of Makoto). He try to mimic the style of fighting of Makoto and Shiki.
  • Sif Rembrandt
  • Yuno Rembrandt
  • Amelia
  • Daena
  • Misura
  • Izumo


  • Goddess (bug): It is unknown whether or not Makoto wants to kill or just teach a lesson(beat up) this entity.
  • Sofia Bulga past self

their first meeting it's was not on very good terms there second meeting ended not so good for her

Former enemies

she is Younger and a very different person than her past self he not sure know how to feel about it

Gods and goddesses

Royal acquaintance or aristocrats

He had a very good impression of her even though he doesn’t really get why she has to pretend to be a prince Instead of princess as she does not even try to hide the fact that she’s actually a woman to him

  • Lily: They unofficially met at the Rostgard Banquet and there she judged Raido's appearance and bearing. In her POV, she theorized and thought what if Raido was their hero because of his display of (miniscule)power in the mutant incident in Rostgard, but perished the thought as it is too late now. When Raido visit Gritonia, she was shocked when it (Tomoki) discovered he's an otherworlder and his real name - Makoto (no) thanks to Tomoki's arrogant display.

In a Dream a different timeline Makoto has dreamed she apparently died and she had a romantic relationship with him

Immortals Apple

His Impression of the group is there are strong and highly skilled and Difficult to deal with

Picnic Rose Garden

Because of certain events Involving individuals he believed were sent by Iwahashi Tomoki He’s found himself in a dangerous situation with one of its members Pione angry and hatred towards Him for killing her friend who She was trying to help But because of they escape end Attempt to kill Makoto they die horrible death At the way they see it Even though and his perspective He was killing them quickly and without pain As he felt sort of pity ( in reality if he what to look as it differently he may actually been able to help them instead of killing but his misunderstanding the situation lead to that unfortunate situation ) Leading to a conflict with the mercenary group and the Aventures origin

  • Vivi (Bibi) who is the leader of the mercenary group
  • Nomad, or also known as Noma; is the one in charge of the foreign affairs in the mercenary group.
  • Kremyu the one in charge of leading the priest team,
  • Ageha the one in charge of leading the martial artist and frontline team,
  • Dorasena the finance manager for the group



Milliono Company

Eleor Company

Rembrandt Company: has a very close relationship


(Makoto to Students): As a teacher the lessons of Raidou-sensei have somewhat similar policy of the Academy it probably even more difficult because of that. policy of the main academy to demand a minimum level of skill in set areas from all the students"

(Makoto to 4th Servant): "Wise huh. I just can’t get used to that way of calling. Also, the Japanese that were here were mostly fooling around, and frankly speaking, being placed in the same category as them would make me so embarrassed I wouldn’t be able to walk outside.”


  • Makoto used to wear glasses when he was on Earth.


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