Luria Ansland is a former noble of Kaleneon.



Luria was traumatized by what happened in Kaleneon.


Eva Ansland reveals in chapter 102 that she and her sister Luria Ansland are from Ansland territory, Kaleneon. Kaleneon is a country that was destroyed by a demon invasion over 10 years ago and the very same country that Makoto's parents came from.


Makoto's first interaction with Luria is in chapter 81 when he first enters Academy Town. Makoto sees five thugs surrounding Luria in a street alley and decides to save her. The fight ends quickly with the thugs getting blown away. Luria is initially suspicious of Makoto's actions but is, in the end, grateful for his help.

Luria, in chapter 83, is revealed to work at a restaurant called Gotetsu, a restaurant with excellent nabe. She starts to become better acquainted with Makoto as he attends the restaurant more and more regularly. Because Makoto saved her in the past, she is friendly towards him and Shiki, who loves nabe.

Powers and Abilities


Misumi Makoto

Just like her sister, she deeply respect him. She has a romantic feelings for him.

Eva Ansland

She deeply respect, love and care her elder sister.