Lorel Union is one of the four major powers and a country Different from the other three countries


The Union is a collection of several powers into one country. It has three small countries gathered under the name of the priestess as it's political leader It is a Country that gathers people from other worlds that call them wise.


Once the capital in the past now the second city of the country Kannaoi. In the past it was discord between the cities the naoi (allusion to Tokyo and Kyoto.)

Naoi It isn’t not recorded in the official history but there was a time when it was called Oonaoi

Yaso-Katsui Valley a labyrinth dungeon that stretches underground it underneath the valley.

a labyrinth that extends underneath Yaso-Katsui it is the dwelling of Superior Dragon ‘Night Clad’ A place the Superior Shadow Dragon who governs over darkness -Futz- has created. It isn’t a labyrinth that was created naturally, as the 20th floor of the labyrinth, also known as Rose Garden it Where the mercenary group Picnic Rose Garden, are using as their base

the south side, even if people cross over the tall mountains, they will find themselves as the sea; and the west, they will be come to see Tsige or the wasteland; and at the north, there’s the Golden Highway and the Aion kingdom’s area of influence.

The Dragon Knight unit is in the east entrance gate Mizuha and within them, there’s the flying dragon unit which serves in the fighting force and the transportation aspects as well land dragons that have a more calm temperament are utilized the most.

Lorel Union has many places with tall mountain ranges located at the east side, west side, and south side of the country and many forests and few places that are open land

Tortoise Soul mountain range

Northwest of Lorel.

There are mountain ranges and many volcanoes and deep ravines in the area not many hyumans enter that region A side from a few settlements where demi-humans have self-sufficient life

Although it is included in the territory of Lorel Union but it is one of the locations to be considerate difficult to develop feasible living conditions for hyumans

In this region dwarfs make their home village as a located around a volcano.

Name are different from the other countries the names given to the people in Lorel are not names that define their nature, their nature is what defines their name like The legendary master swordsman Iori is also in a Japanese-style name this person was from Long time ago in the past that it is even questionable if he actually existed, but in Lorel, it is a pretty well known fairytale, of a hero tale.

in the Deepest part of Yaso-Katsui the Boundary between life and death Yomi-Birazaka a mythology Place where secrets from the past

From what is know of the modern Earth, it works differently. In the goddess world, life and death are connected to the present world and the world of the dead. They exist in the same world. In other words, they have borders that can be crossed.

Household and Religious leaders


The influence of japan culture it seen to have influence the Nobles Household in a similar way like How the old japan Household

Kahara household

Ikusabe household

  • Izumo

Osakabe household

  • Iroha Osakabe
  • Unnamed Head
  • Osakabe Haruka

Service of the Osakabe household

  • Shougetsu 
  • Akashi
  • Yuduki

Religious leaders 

People From Lorel

Having been influenced through travelers and Heroes of the past Which they call the wise Who left their hobbies run wild and left behind a very different Cultural trends towards things like cosplay costumes be treated as Fashion Things like bath’s Culture and many more The country is strongly has influenced by Japanese Wise More than the others Who has come from different countries Wwhich show the bulk of the people who have shown up in the world have been Japanese The reason is unknown