Lime Latte is a former adventurer from Tsige. He currently works for the Kuzunoha Company as an employee.


In the light novel, he is described as having a good looking face and curly hair.


He has a very easy-going rogue like personality he like womanizer not the type to be tied down clever and quick to learn. He somehow lazy with getting wife because he has many lady that he feel same and hesitant.

He also feels sympathy for orphans who have to become adventurers to survive, and helps them out to the best of his abilities.


Lime Latte is the former adventurer and become employee in Kuzunoha Company. Because he is the former adventure, Misumi and his follower keep getting him somehow harsh and vigilant. He is the first one who feel curious in Kuzunoha Company and Raidou in Tsige adventurer guild and become former adventurer after recruited in Kuzunoha Company as employee despite he get somehow miracle from Raidou before being a foe which getting into hero side. Then, He get back into Kuzunoha side as Raidou side.

Lime appears in chapter 87 in preparation for the opening of a new store in the Academy Town. In Academy Town, Lime serves as shop attendant and an intelligence agent for Makoto and the Kuzunoha company.

In chapter 101, Lime gets captured after Makoto's first encounter with Demon General Rona.


As a former high ranking adventurer, Lime possesses several useful skills in and out of combat as well as being skilled in support allies in different situations. Lime specializes in enhancing the power of others.

In Non-combat situations He is Weight scale and intelligence gathering of Informative And as womanizer he capable of keeping a low profile that others would not notice that would not stand out as unusual


Katana given to him by Tomoe made by Elder dwarves Smith


Kuzunoha Company

Misumi Makoto

He calls him as "Boss" (Danna) and be reluctant of his greatness of his power. He is loyal to Kuzunoha Company after he was helped by him.


He calls her as "Big sis" (Ane-san) and he know that she is one of the superior dragons, Shen. And he is a direct subordinate of her. Tomoe is the one who trains him.


Lime tries to stay on her good side out of knowing how dangerous she can get.


Otonashi Hibiki

Lime finds her to be an impressive woman as well as skilled in combat and in politics, and can't help when she want him to accompany her despite he is the spy. He somehow feel she is wise and being gotten marriage from her but he refuse and going back into Kuzunoha Company side.


Lime Latte former chief


Lime he know Naval the one who was a companion of the hero. She was in Tsige for a temporal time,who was call the Vengeance Oni has she become quite a kind The person he knew in the past definitely wouldn’t have die for the sake of her comrades is a way of dying that she definitely wouldn’t have done in the past.