Lancer 「ランサー」also known as Mitsurugi 「御剣」is one of the Superior dragons. He has his nest located in a cave near the Empire.



He has an appearance of a slender face of around 20-year-old man. Different from when he had the appearance of a kid that was exactly the same as a hyuman, at his white skin, there’s a tattoo-like pattern floating The pattern shines slightly and illuminates his appearance faintly, making his atmosphere feel like an illusion.


Lancer cares only for his own self-interests. He wants to transform strong people into a part of his collection ( turn them into swords ).


Contain Spoilers.

Lancer is the Superior dragon of swords. He was created by Root as the result of the fusion between a sword and a dragon corpse.

At the beginning of the story, we learn that Sofia Bulga kills him after a long fight that gave her later her surname "The Dragon Slayer". However, the truth is that she makes a pact ("gamble") with Lancer (Mitsurugi).

When Makoto got teleport by the Goddess the first time, we see both of them. They both attack Makoto, thinking that he was here as one of the pawns of the Goddess. They cut some of Makoto's fingers ( They are the second in this world to inflict Makoto damage, the first being Mio in spider's form). Both Makoto and Sofia & Lancer took a lot of damage from this fight. Makoto fled from the fight, teleporting himself to Asora, after unleashing an attack toward the sky, learning later that this attack crash to the ground, killing equally both humans and demons that was fighting in the surrounding and creating a lake, leaving Sofia & Lancer in awe and anger because they think that he goes easy on them. They stronger themselves in wait for a second round against the powerful mysterious entity, that was now called by humans and demons equally, by the surname " Devil ".
Vol 10 - 004

Lancer fights against the servants of the Devil, Larva (Shiki).

They will have this chance when Makoto got teleported by the Goddes the second time. Sofia will fight against Makoto and Lancer pursue Hibiki. Then Lancer encounters Larva (Shiki), as he was protecting Hibiki. Pleased by this encounter, Larva presents himself as the servants of the Devil, thus beginning the fight. Larva controls the entire match as if he was always one step ahead of Lancer and planning trap that Lancer always falls in. However, the truth is that Larva was less stronger than Lancer and that one step out of his plan would have cost him to lost and die. Shiki won the match by breath with a sneak attack on Lancer's back, killing him and making him loses his gamble with Sofia.

It is later known that Superior dragons reincarnated as an egg, losing at the same time most of their past life memories. However, this time, all Superior dragons remember their past life and are all afraid of Makoto' monstrous power. They all got killed again by Tomoe and Root thus reincarnated again as an egg and finally losing their memories. Lancer's egg was entrusted to Grount, Superior dragon of Earth.

Abilities & Equipment

Lancer uses all swords that he collects after all years he exists. Swords are in reality souls of strong people that come to challenge him and failed or people he was interested in, approached them then betrayed to turn them as a part of his collection. The stronger is the people the stronger is the sword.

"Cage of sword" - This is Lancer's special place where he stores all his swords ( Similar to the space of Tomoe before it became Asora ). He also can teleport people in this space to unleash a deadly multi-sword attack.


Sofia Bulga: She makes a contract with Lancer to become enough stronger to beat her ancestor (Root).

"If I die before him, I would become a part of his collection. If he were to die first, he will give me the remaining life he has. That kind of gamble" - Sofia Bulga (WN 163)