Kuzunoha Company is a merchant business company that specializes in the production and selling of medicine.


Kuzunoha Company was founded by Misumi Makoto. It has possesses a large amount of influence and respect, especially from the Rembrant Company. Kuzunoha Company eventually become the number one company in Tsige and the most influencial company in the nation that makes interest from other kingdoms and business relations.

Its product has many use that can be selling in high price but it is cheaper than normal price. Misumi Makoto do that because he have purpose to helping the poor. In result, He sell it in cooper or cheaper price that holding many customer who need that in adventurer case. Hence, Kuzunoha Company store never lonesome without customer everyday. From explanation from Raidou follower about profit result, Kuzunoha Company make a mountain of gold , saving in storage. 


Kuzunoha Company is absolute favorite company for buying medicine. Its store never get the least customer everyday. Beside that, Its medicine product usually get high price before Kuzunoha come into Tsige. Kuzunoha Company also has peddling system which can be used for getting customer from afar instead around store in Tsige and Academy town. Kuzunoha become the richest and build bigger store in Tsige, within Kuzunoha road.

Eventually, Kuzunoha Company become the best merchant company in Tsige above Rembrant Company. Rembrant swear to him that he can defend a second position in Tsige below Kuzunoha Company. Misumi directly hear that from Rembrant after opening big store in Tsige.

Why do Rembrant want Raidou's company become number one in Tsige above him??

Rembrant Company don't mind in number two because the owner Rembrant owe him the biggest; Raidou heal his wife and daughters from disease. For Rembrant, his family is everything. Rembrant almost work everyday for him which make Raidou feel pity and simpathetic for him; Rembrant work too much.

The name 'Kuzunoha' is well known around and the greatest challenge under impression of merchant instead the owner is not in Tsige all day. Merchant can't believe it 100 percent but want to make small cooperation with Kuzunoha Company in behind, wanting to get relation with Raidou who is the owner.

Kuzunoha Influence and Interest Nation

As fellow merchant Kuzunoha Company, Raidou receive all help from Rembrant who feel the big debt from healing his wife. Finally, he has learnt Jack of all trades with Rembrant. As novice, he has a lot question about how to deal with other merchant who see him as bigger enemy. No, they envy him which getting same business of medicine. 

In the morning, he has been called by guidmaster Merchant and hear his sarscam make him feel annoy. He never get into conflict like this before. So, he must think about it then discuss it with his follower. His follower want to get her punch into him but Makoto can't let his follower into their conclusion. He must think better into this until he get solution on Ilumgand incident.

Luck come for him but he have demon who occur destroy his store in Rostgard when he and his follower evacuate citizen and his disciples in Academy City arena. Raidou feel better that his employee including demi human and hyuman is safe and sound. 

From afar, Root as expected know about his problem and take Academy City in pretending to fight but he know that the problem in progress make Raidou problem gone. In mention on his talk with Saritsu , Kuzunoha Company is savior for academy city. So, the name and occurrence in the better than one who claim. It can be mentioned that Company who claimed make fake document. The better political wave, Kuzunoha draw many interest from other nation. In another word, Kuzunoha influence is crucial.

If Kuzunoha Company is moving away, interest on country will be gone. Same from Aion, Gritonia, and Limia is having interest in Kuzunoha who having interest in Tsige and Rostgard. The chance is Tsige can make corporate with other nation. In unknown day without Raidou know, That company representative is punished in crime unjustly hurt pride country nation.

Rosgard and Limia capital Reconstruction

Ilumgand Incident is not only make destruction in Limia capital and Rostgard, other nation included as well having big problem in recontruction. Different in Rostgard and Limia capital, influence of Kuzunoha Company recontruction is started earlier than expected. With help from Zara from Merchant guild and underground company, Rembrant Company, and many volunteer, Kuzunoha Company begin reconstruction in Rostgard. in middle time, Kuzunoha begin reconstruction in Limia capital too after being conflicted with other demon caused by troublesome mission from Goddess.

Day by day, the Kingdom who hold destruction from Ilumgand incident as international destruction hold curious attention into Rostgard and Limia capital where the big town is dull from that incident can maintain faster into normal town. Of course, they need many volunteer including high level mage from Rostgard who is near and know that Kuzunoha Company is behind this recontruction in Rostgard and Limia capital. They even begin into cooperation with each other. 

Kuzunoha Company become their target to strengthening economic cooperation with Misumi Raidou as owner Kuzunoha Company. The day of maintaining the town is making Zara relieve on doing business and know him as merchant army as call despite Raidou just one-sided hearing him. Raidou even surprised that Easter is employee of Zara, his merchant guild representative who have his picture of his bad memories before in Tsige.

Kaleneon Invasion and Middle of War

Kuzunoha Troop begin after being ordered from Misumi Makoto in Capital Limia skylight. No matter how influence may it be, Demon or someone will be knew that Misumi and Asora troop can't be underestimated. Without light identity, Misumi, follower, Asora troop begin invasion with different mission.

Asora troop consider as talented and stronger in tactic and power. Tactic Ambush in Kaleneon castle make Demon troop who is the mayor is trembled and can't hold Asora troop until castle and fortress is dominated by Kuzunoha troop. Mio and Tomoe is the follower who become general in that operation.

It become full of information that Demon can't defend Kaleneon which the demon general can't understand that troop think who consider who side is unknown until they give explanation who invade is Kuzunoha Company.

Mission from goddess is troublesome despite how ugly that goddess is. Under agreement, he have to rescue Hibiki from demon race general. So, he must hold them but consider he can meet demon lord later time make him just hold them. Rona finally meet Raidou that time and know his identity behind that white mask or creature. The Hyuman who ally with white that time kill Lancer that make big impression on Limia and his subordinate.

Hibiki apparently think Kuzunoha Company is them despite she don't know who is the white identity is. Just how they do can't make Demon make war with him? They are the strongest group with Hibiki and subordinate that never seen in history. ILater time, Demon Zef know that making Kuzunoha Company enemy is suicide for demon race nation. They must think they need help from Kuzunoha Company as well in resource transportation who hold problem in Demon lord continent. Beside that, Misumi Makoto is the hero of Demon continent. You can see that in ' Demon and Root Incident' below:

Hand on Demon Sky and Root

Demon capital is not actually safe place as like the history of the Demon soldier who is darker and strong of darkness. They has same mentality as human kind who need live and dream. Under their impression, they fight for live and war for peaceful for Demon continent.

Raidou keep his promise for meeting with Demon Lord who is the leader of Demon continent in the north from all country when everyday is summer and autumn; Demon continent is winter in all year. In business with Demon race, he has many meeting and politic relationship who have many aim. It is having friend from third power. Actually, it is Raidou himself whom is the owner.

For strenghtening, he is provided many facility for guest in Demon Continent. Party and tent is included. Kuzunoha Company receive agreement contract about Free tax and management for walking peddling and return a favor corporate in Transportation resources which hold many problem beside Demon continent development is not all good for transportation resources from all place when snowfall begin everyday.

Kuzunoha Company activity is not all steady and quiet from problem. Raidou meet troublesome acquaintance; Root under some reason in dragon form flies in the sky of Demon Continent. In reckless way, he is on the sky of Demon Capital where Raidou can see him below; Root believe Raidou can depart soon from the near of this place. But, Raidou is not moving from Root.

He start to hold Root's dragon breath with his power; Follower actually have many power but it can't be compared with Raidou amount power is tremendous from the start. He make a his power sculpting like a long black who touch a sky with his follower who receive mana from him. That time, he collapsed after Root can't make a breath that supposed to destroy all facility in Demon Capital and around Demon Continent.

Tomoe hear that and going to Adventurer guild. When Root is exhausted, Tomoe and Mondo begin to meet him and torture him until half of hour. That time, Raidou wake up from his sleep. Then, He is appreciated as Hero of Demon Continent. Welcoming party become celebration of hero in Demon Continent.

It is not end yet, Zef began to make honey to him emotionally. He give him many positive gift and favor including detailed map and Demon girl whom Raidou can't be helped to confirm as a gift from Zef. It is Sari; The one who have blood relation as Zef. Only girl that is not respected as gift by Raidou.

Aion Kingdom Revolution

" I was tense thinking that it would end from beginning but it...seems like Tsige predicted, a stalemate. And now, it is turning into muddy situation. Aion has fallen into a complete state of civil war."- Tomoe in Tsige

It is liked Tomoe say into all situation. Civil war become tense in Tsige. From Tsige side, Independence simply is their aim. From Aion kingdom side, they want them to accept government. It make them all can't give up and the land of Tsige belong to Feudal lord. In the some reason, Kuzunoha Company is not interested in that Civil War and keeping neutral. They sure the civil war begin to collapse in time. Weapon, power, and attraction leader is not great at all to make big believer to side whom heroes do for recruit all company to fight. Different from Kuzunoha Company, Company has greatness loyalist and miracle whom Raidou give as family in wise decision. 

Tactic and war is continuing with total civil war in separate place; Adventurer guild and Merchant guild do their work as usual; Economic still peaceful than imagine around Kuzunoha Company; That is incredibly peaceful situation.

That civil war start only with beacon, driving loyal family into corner. But in the end, they finally escape. In two side, they are hard rock that never give up. They keep make propaganda for their politic and sarcasm to pushed their enemies to giving up and seizing the capital as accomplished.

In the Civil war in Tsige, no one of two side want to enter Kuzunoha Company building in Kuzunoha road because they are well known and popular. So, Kuzunoha Company just do selling medicine as usual in Tsige. Seeing how powerful company within information that long spreaded, Koran want protection from Kuzunoha Company, beginning of shipbuilding in Koran.

That civil war is slowly gone after Sairitz begin to invite him into Aion Kingdom, hoping that Raidou make store in her kingdom. In side road of quest , he go to labyrinth.

Labyrinth And Apple

Apple meet One of its members who made a wager that to Company would not be able to reach the 10th floor and if they did he would intermediary between them and Picnic Rose Garden

Fight in The Labyrinth

Picnic Rose Garden and labyrinth manager side on one of their members desire for personal vengeance against Makoto

Lorel Union Conspiracies and The Wise

Makoto have come to Suspect the hand of the empire hero is trying to influence political power within lorel such as noticing the effects on Akashi Who was leading Yuduki in to Manju a suspicious bar after contact with Haruka

Reunion and impossible reunion

Raidou has An impossible reunion With a person call herself the daughter of that Root for some reason a rejuvenated and younger energetic girl who Makoto has met before shows no memory of Makoto or as Raidou and call herself a Adventurer Guild of member stationed in Kaleneon By her father Falz aka Root and showing no signs of hatred but happy demeanor


After opening of Kuzunoha Company in Tsige, Medicine seller from company become ridiculously profit because his unique and crucial because of high demand. Because of that, it can be predicted many people have same business or merchant don't like Kuzunoha Company either.

The problem is occur. Kuzunoha Company have given dangerous claim by other merchant. Slowly, that claim is gone after day and after know that his store is down, and his demi-human employee is safe, Ilumgand incident.

After that incident, Misumi Makoto's company become big and bigger. Popularity of Kuzunoha Company become interest from other nation even Gritonia, AION, and Limia Kingdom. The King of Limia Kingdom when Ilumgand incident occur coincidentally meet him in arena of Academy city. After hearing king have some interest in Kuzunoha Company, Misumi Makoto claim he is the owner of Kuzunoha Company. Limia King become in debt and become good friend because he save his life from monster in Ilumgand Incident. In result, news spread and occur that many kingdom or feudal lord want Misumi Makoto to build his store in Kingdom or town.

His name has become well-known, and become third power despite it is just one company. It is Kuzunoha Company.

Seize Kaleneon

One minute after agreement between Raidou and Goddess, Asora troop begin to launch their attack into Kaleneon. In the name of Kuzunoha, Asora troop under follower Tomoe and Mio begin to wipe out Kaleneon City from Demon. The cold city where his old family town take place before transfering into earth.

Kuzunoha troops accomplish and take place in Kaleneon City. That day, demon know how talented Kuzunoha Troop despite less amount than demon troop on that city. Zef want to know why Raidou do that. Raidou just say that city is for himself. He love his family like the city himself where the old home in Goddess world before transfered into earth.

Thinking about cooperation between Kuzunoha and Demon is benefit for them. Zef just think about positive side, and Kaleneon is owned by Raidou until now. 

Demon War

The day of re-construction of Academy city, Kuzunoha Company get invitation from all side behind war conflict; Limia want package for help in the war and want to get closer side with Kuzunoha Company but no any strengthening relation despite hero negotiate with Raidou.  

In simple way, person or kingdom can force the underpower company but can't be included with Kuzunoha Company because employee and power is tremedously strong and can infiltrate nation. Because of that, two nation who uneasy that Kuzunoha Company get many chance into war side or can be described malignant. So, they get into economic relationship with Raidou as owner. Kuzunoha Company build economic and help to Demon in transportation section and peddling. Then, other just get peddling relation except build store in that kingdom. 

Raidou then confirmed that Kuzunoha Company in neutral side but the two side somehow vigilant if he stop being neutral and is given many free tax from Joshua and Zef, many more including important map. Zef even want him to call him more.


His follower including Tomoe, Mio, is the group who is given consideration as chief, and the greatest vice leader who teach to citizen and follower under Kuzunoha Company even Lime Latte who personally get recruited into Kuzunoha Company employee after resign from adventurer job. Demi, human and all race are gather on Kuzunoha Company and Asora in the middle of discrimination and war. 

Kuzunoha Company is the peace organization that won't take profit at war. They just don't want the enemy to touch them with dirty hand; It is same as foe has a problem with Kuzunoha Company; The extreme and high exercise troop in Kuzunoha Company is the third power around the nation. Because their aim is simple, it just help other people who has trouble in the war and living in Goddess world, including demi human who hold too many discrimination against hyuman.

Kuzunoha Company consider that its product must help other even employee and given medicine to poor people who need help, with peddling which is simple how to get cheap medicine from afar. How powerful that company, Kuzunoha Company is considered as the most employee favorite choice, and flavour of people who has income below from center. Its product can heal people from disease and giving power to help adventurer for living. Beside that, how talented and stronger Kuzunoha Company employees is it become the best interest from Hero and Kingdom.

part-time job policy

shipbuilding group in Koran

Recruited and apprentice

  • Jin Rohan

Jin was training with desire to be employed by Kuzunoha in a separate curriculum from that of the classes in his training was Shiki in a state of extreme agitation. Jin lost Focus in such a manner in the middle of a fight and been seriously wounded

  • Amelia (Avelia)