Izumo is one of Raidou's students.



slender Arms it has a number of scars and moreover, there’s clearly more muscle in it than previously had slender build and Little to no muscles and pure white skin he now has a tanned body




Izumo branch family Earth of the Osakabe household, whose homeland is in Kannaoi, it had divided the past, and as a result, the was Ikusabe household was born it not recognized by the main family it laughed at their efforts. He is a student of the academy and relies a lot on Shiki.



Osakabe-Ikusabe household


Osakabe Iroha




izumo is a mage who specializes in wind. After taking Raidou's class, he starts understanding the importance of being good in more than one element.

Combat skills

  • Maneuver aria : divide several arias and combine them to activate it. Able to doing arias while mobilizing.
  • Irregular reutilization : able to use the arias that were already utilized and were supposed to have disappeared, into the aria of the next spell.
  • Multiple magic activation

Non-combat skills




If you are a mage, this class here will change your world. You will have to train your body no matter what after all. You will be taught that it is necessary. Your brain and body; you will be able to train both. There’s no class that can compare. You can tell that to the other kids that are not here. With more numbers, the difficulty of Sensei’s class will increase after all. It is something to be thankful for, but this is a powerful medicine that you are required to take in diluted at first though.” (Izumo)

the engagement with the princess of Osakabe, place of employment, and the matter of inheriting Ikusabe…I have to show him that I myself can resolve this and make it head in the direction I wish. I have reliable companions, and just as Sensei said, my academy life is still far from over!Standing up from the bench, he looks at the sight of the town from between the visible spaces of the trees.The corners of his mouth silently lift.Until now, he has only thought about increasing his strength as he lived his life in the academy.He thought that in time, he would work at Lorel as one of the Ikusabe, and serve under the Kahara household.In time, he would receive marriage proposals from around 4-5 brides, train his children, and retire.”(Izumo)