Iwahashi Tomoki from the Manga

Iwahashi Tomoki (岩橋智樹) is the first of the three otherworlders to arrive in the Goddess' World as a hero.


He has a silver hair and good-looking face where the girls will fall in love at first sight or be jealous.


Tomoki is weak-minded and has an inferiority complex. Through the manipulation of Princess Lily, he becomes an arrogant tyrant that believes he can do as he pleases and take what he wants from anyone. This has caused him to be dismissive and arrogant toward others, even acting superior to others that he perceives to be weak.

Because of his inferiority complex, in combination with his newfound Charm power granted to him by the Goddess, he believes that everything can be made his, by force if necessary.


Tomoki was a middle school student who had difficulty with people from being bullied because of his attractive features and couldn't handle women.

Tomoki encounters Tomoe in the forest near the lake Misuki created after fighting Sofia and Lancer. Tomoki attempts to recruit Tomoe through various coercive means but Tomoe sees through all of them. Tomoe rejects Tomoki and issues a warning, leaving Tomoki and his companions in a daze.

Later when he meets Makoto, he assumes that his fellow countryman is weak and demands he had over Tomoe. Makoto was displeased and proceeded to decimate the women Tomoki brought with him. Tomoki was enraged but was unable to retaliate and was ultimately beaten with little effort.

When he awoke he was greeted by the sight of Lily.



  • Lily Furont Gritonia: Second princess. She manipulated him to covert him as a tyrant and cunt person. She will use anything to make that happen, a power anything he desires and to increase his strength. Also, she secretly put an elixir in his food knowing it would shorten his lifespan as well as the party members who she thinks of them as nothing more than tools. She does not care if he does whatever he wants to them, she sees herself as a supporter but in the end, she just wants to destroy everything that that has anything to do with the goddess. It took measures against his eyes.

Currently, these three are Tomoki’s companions. Since the princess doesn’t participate in battle, she has the role of support in the rear. All three are under the effects Tomoki's Charm Power.

  • Ginebia: Considered the strongest knight in the empire that protects the nobles, one of the royal guards. She was originally a person under Lily and also a close friend, but she is now limited to guarding both Tomoki and princess alike.
    • Though she has the body of a girl, she has trained to perfection the art of protection and the role of Tank. The type of sorcery tool that was given to her is also one that is specialized in defense and her job possesses the name of a superior dragon that is famous for its defense, GrountRoyal Guard Grount is her unique job’s name.
  • Mora: she is a young girl who is 12 years old. She is called the dragon spiritualist and is able to use a special summoning technique, a dragon summoner. She was originally raised in a local village at a family linage of shrine maidens, but because of the demon race’s invasion it was destroyed. Lily took care of her and ended up as her accompanying Tomoki.
    • The girl who uses dragons doesn’t have a unique job like Ginebia, but it is a rare job that only a few in the world possess.
  • Yukinatsu: Her origins were from Lorel Confederation, but looking for a place where she could do research more freely, she ended up working under Lily. Hearing the numerous unique ideas of the hero, she decided to accompany them. The fusion of armor and magic, the giant power that the ritual implements possess and the replicas of the so-called sacred treasures; having an abnormal interest in the creation of these, she is a research type of person. Especially in the armor and magic area, she took a totally different approach from the dwarfs and because of those dangerous views she had, she was driven out of the confederation. Her job is Force Player. It is a rare job that only a few in the area of alchemy possess.


  • Tomoe: Upon resisting his charm and part of her strength, Tomoki became obsessed with her.
  • Otonashi Hibiki: Tomoki doesn't think of her as someone superior to him. He doesn't show much respect towards her as someone older than him as is the custom of Japanese people
  • Mio:
  • Shiki:
  • Misumi Makoto: Initially, he thought that Makoto had a tamer ability which allows him to enslave the high-ranked dragon, Tomoe. Hence, he proposed/threaten Makoto to exchange Tomoe with any number of females by his side. To Makoto, this is not a fair trade, nor should such conversation occur as Tomoe is not a "commodity". Thinking that Tomoki was insulting Tomoe, Makoto retaliated with violence. Due to the sheer difference in ability, Tomoki was beaten to a pulp. In the midst of violence, Makoto quote that Tomoki is acting like the bullied. This severely traumatized Tomoki.
    • For the next couple of days after the beat-up, he holed up in his room due to the recollection of his life as the bullied in the previous world and the fear towards the stronger being, Makoto. This fear was converted into hatred and motivation (to be the one that robs) when coaxed by Lily, pushing him to undergo human-experiment that will enhance his ability and demonize eye.
    • This hatred seems to be spread among the charmed girls, who will attempt to murder Makoto on sight

Women's response to him

His eyes cause him to have many women do whatever he wants he is pretty much made the empire his personal harem and has many offspring The stronger the effects of his eyes causes women to willing to even die for him almost like a cult no matter the position or profession or even age

  • Female assassins
  • Noblewomen
  • Married and Engaged women
  • Female soldiers
  • Servants Woman
  • Street women
    • Control them with charm, finish their training, and use them for battle. Root mentioned the Valkyries
      • Everyone in Tomoki’s harem are referred as Valkyries?


  • Skilled in long-range combat
  • Some skill in magic seals
  • Demonize Eye: charms and forces one to submit to his will
  • The longer someone is exposed to his eye it becomes harder to break but it is possible to break the charms
  • Immortality: He can regenerate during the night when the moon is out. It will be inactive when there is no moon.
    • The fatal flaw of this ability is that it only works at night. If a battle were to be drawn out until dawn and if he was to receive damage that could be fatal, his only chance for survival would be the healing abilities of his companions

Charm Power

Affects the will of people to a zealous levels

Possible theories and solution

The exact method had not yet been described but most likely there are several alternative methods.Variations of difficulty are in proportion to the time of the person's exposure to the charms

  1. Short-term exposure may wear off within a few days
  2. Months of exposure may take exactly the same amount of time
  3. Years of exposure may be impossible to remove
    1. For example the assassins girls. They have been away from him for a long period of time yet they still felt exactly the same drive as if he were right next to them
  4. His charm is not just effective on women but on anyone who is unaware or does not have countermeasures against it.
  5. It is unknown how they are making the mist like substance from his charm to influence large and small groups of people outside his reach it is not known if he’s aware of these methods
  6. Special Abilities user can remove charm effective or charm could not effective them as all

For example

Special Abilities user

  1. Osakabe Haruka Wings of Saint healing abilities

powerful people who are not effective as all

  1. Tomoe:
  2. Otonashi Hibiki:
  3. Root:


  • Consumes a large amount of magic power to create a nuclear explosion centered around Tomoki.
  • The explosion destroys almost everything in a wide radius.
  • Creates radiation that causes "poison" effects and slowly eats away at anyone outside the effective blast radius but within a further radius similar to a traditional nuclear bomb.
  • It can only be effectively be used by Tomoki at night when the moon is out.
  • This was a power given to him as an additional offering similar to Hibiki's ability that allowed her to escape from Shiki's barrier.
  • Only time documented that he used it was against Dragon Slayer Sofia. Sofia was able to survive using the shielding and healing of a number of the dragons she had consumed.

Non-combat skills

Has not really shown any extraordinary talent outside of the gifts he received from the goddess


  • Magical armor
  • Dimensional storage
  • Lance
  1. Lightning Lance
  • Various weapons

Learned how to use weapons

  1. Exploding knives
  2. swords


  • collecting women


Does not talk to older people with honorifics



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