Guild (ギルド Girudo) is a team formed, organized and operated by a group of people with related interests, goals, etc and various medieval associations as of merchants or artisans, 


Each selective level governance each rank activities from level E to S as well of The individual strength

Guild rankings
  • Customs descriptions
  • Guild card

The card has various functions and titles

  • Scrolls
The scrolls vary from different level caps judging on the level of power possesses by individual person it will assign level in rank from its results
Level scroll


You may only select mission of your appropriate level Any rank can take on special missions if permitted by the guild The entire party must be in close rank Power level to be permitted to enter a harder mission request

Background information

Beginning can be a credited to a human interest that influenced root

Staff uniforms 

Males & Females aventure guild uniform


Guild Master

  • Root
    Root (Male Human Form)


Members and Aventure parties

toa party

Toa party

Merchants' Guild

  • Rank
  • Customs descriptions
  • Rules
  • Exams

Book Exams

  1. written Exams
  2. practice Exams

Past and received

  1. guild card
  2. deposit 10 gold and First yearly fees of 1 gold
  • Background information
  • Staff uniforms




Known companies and Heads who are Members to Merchant Guild

  • Raidou (Misumi Makoto) Kuzunoha Company