World locations map

World's Map

Goddess' World's Map

Demon Territory

  • Elision one the first country to fall in the war

Kaleneon - A satellite country to Elysion

  • Stella Fort fortress dividing Demon Territory and Four Major Powers

Four Major Powers

Lorel Union It is one of the four major powers and a country Different from the other three countries, the Union is a collection of several powers into one country. It seems the three small countries gathered under the name of the priestess.Other aspects would be that they seem to possess a peculiar culture, but maybe because their national character is a closed one, there doesn’t seem to be much information That’s why their characteristic techniques and the existence of the priestess stands out even more Culture, priestess, highly skilled techniques.

Labyrinths it is the home of a mercenary group and supreme Dragon

A Lake is the home of a supreme Dragon

White Sea desert the home of a supreme Dragon

Other location

  • Wasteland The home of many different Space it is consider a difficult place to survive it where survival of the fittest is the only Way to survive
  • Mist Town - a town existing in the alternate space "Asora"
  • Academy Town "Rotsgard" - a town focused on research and studies.
    • Gotetsu - a restaurant in the Town
      • Library
      • Training Grounds

The governing rules of the world

The Goddess' influence on physical appearance made the hyumans of the world look attractive and her blessing allows them to learn the common language as infants and a boost in power.

She herself did not directly influence in her world as long as it doesn't cause her problem

Aristocrats and Nobility Governing and culture and influence world

Lorel Union

it influence of japan culture it seen to have influence the Nobles Household in a similar way like a japan Household

Aion Kingdom

Seem to be very similar to the The times of Shogan

Gritonia Empire

Limia Kingdom

Seem to have a Similarity to a European style to nobles families


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  • Other deities seem to think that Goddess had done a poor job with this world.