Goddess is the tentative name of the deity in charge to the world Makoto was sent to.


From what has been shown, Goddess is appears as an adult human woman with a voluptuous figure. This seems to be her default form, as she has later shown the ability to freely alter he appearance, as she appeared like a young girl in front of Tomoki.
The goddess6

Appearance she had to Iwahashi Tomoki (Manga)


She is a vain egotistical and arrogant by dismissive way of proceeding others and specially the physical features.

Even though she had the power of creation she seem to care about trivial things like beauty and dismissive of anything she sees as ugly.

She also holds little shame or regard to others - shown when she forcibly summoned Makoto to delay an invasion on a hyuman territory by Sofia and a supreme dragon. She did not tell Makoto about this beforehand and simply flung him there without consideration.


She was the one who allowed Makoto's parents to leave and live in Earth, in exchange for one of their children.




She Selected both of them Well she was dissatisfied with Misumi Makoto Because of his Looks her judgment on the selection is somewhat questionable for one of them

The boy she chose Was far from the qualities of a hero rather simple and easy manipulate fool

The girl she chose has the qualities of a hero as well as it Flaws and in her social position She had flaws in logic to Understanding those struggling to survive in a harsh world

Iwahashi Tomoki:

Otonashi Hibiki: Hibiki sees the Goddess as an unfortunate but necessary existence.


Even though she understands the arrangement deal she made with his parents and gods her selfish nature refused to except Makoto Causing her to take to others without permission Causing her to be punished but the others as well being unaware Makoto Activities in her world She had made an arrangement To leave him alone after a few incidents in giving him the ability to communicate with everything

  • Misumi Makoto: In their first meeting, she was a bit disappointed and displeased at his facial appearance due to his resemblance to her other creations living in wasteland. So she decided to drop him out from her field of vision and let him live in the wasteland just like her failed and unpleasant face creatures. But after the day when Makoto is reaching his own records of having the possibilities of becoming one like her, she became obsessed to stop him and trying to figure out where is he or where he could be hiding. All she knew he would be the main reason of losing her pride and dignity as the Goddess of her own world.

Gods and Goddesses 

The Goddess is disliked by all other deities that have been shown.

Supreme Dragons