Eva Ansland, known currently as just Eva (エヴァ)is the one of the survivors of the fallen kingdom of Kaleneon. She is now acting as the ruler of the newly formed government of liberated kingdom.







It is revealed in chapter 102 that Eva and her sister Luria are from Ansland territory, Kaleneon. Kaleneon is a country that was destroyed by a demon invasion over 10 years ago and the very same country that Makoto's parents came from.



Eva first meets Makoto at the Academy Library at Academy Town.

In chapter 101, Eva gets captured along with Lime by Root as other forces start to converge on her and Lime's location. She escapes with the help of Lime's combat ability.

Eva reveals, in chapter 103, her knowledge of dark forces working undercover at the library.


Misumi Makoto

In their first meeting at the academy's library, Makoto becomes cautious because she knows his first name as Raidou. But until the organization led by Braide-sensei wipe out by himself, they become close.

She often collects, manages and also bookmark all his favorite books to be read. For the three to four chapters of WLN, she formed a romantic interest towards him.

She does not care about his unusual appearance and want to do everything to seduce him. Her plan is to make sure that she will become his wife in the end.

Luria Ansland

She often care her as her little sister. She loves her so much to the point she always wander to her place to help.