The Demons are a minority in the Goddess' World, and they are battling against Hyumans. They are under the rule of Demon Lord.

Race traits

Racial traits varies between each one but their skin tone is blue-ish and horns are common features, but there are those who are born without horns. The Number of variations is still unknown.



Their history has a long and difficult struggle in survival in other battles survive want to wer on a race which is now extinct claiming the landing wants they once lived Believe that the strong survive is one of the reasons why they survive so long because they're adaptive nature and change and having no dependence on the Goddess they move forward changing and adaptive unlike hyuman



Combat skills

  • Adaptive and highly skilled in combat and physically stronger than hyuman
  • Advanced communication

Non-combat skills

  • Highly adaptive in various areas outside combat
  • Research orientated

Known Demons