General information 

Demon Territory is located north of Goddess' World and it has extreme cold climate. The most northern parts of the Demon Territory are inhabited by Mamonos only and are to cold for most other living beings.

Significant locations 

  • Old Capital
    • Far in the north, providing cultural worth
  • New Capital
    • With the expansion of the Demon Territory a new capital was build at the sea, it is the new base of the Demon Race
  • Spirit Temple
    • Located in the Old Capital this temple houses the high spirits "Behemoth" and "Phoenix"
  • Kaleneon
    • After being seized by the Demons this land was taken back by Asora's residents. While being surrounded by Demon Territory this land now belongs to Eva and Luria Ansland
  • (Half of) Elysion
    • The kingdoms of Limia and Gritonia were able to fend off the Demon Army after they conquered Stella Fort. The border of the Demon Territory is around that place where Stella Fort once was
      • Stella Fort: The demons raided Stella Fort and it was later destroyed by Makoto as an agreement with the Goddess

Household and Royals 

A big difference in comparison to human or hyuman culture is that the royal family is not necessarily offspring of the current ruler. Young promising children are taken in by the king and receive education, training and privileges, the next ruler is then declared as a successor by the Demon Lord.

With Zef as the current Demon Lord there is no successor officially known, after Makoto's visit to the Demon Territory only 3 candidates are left. The other candidates that do not get the position of Demon Lord are then placed as generals, consultants and other high positions serving under the new Demon Lord.