Zef is the current Demon Lord, leader of all demons.



Zef (Manga)

He has a short blonde tortoise shelled cut hair lifted up in order to avoid having it on his horn. Around the top of his ears, there’s two thick curved horns like those of a goat.

His eyes are not the one that looks through you but eyes that seem to envelop you.


He is a serious person and also teases a person whom he recognizes. He is a lovable father to his sons and daughters (Demon Lord Candidates). He doesn't like to be underestimated by anyone, especially by the Hyumans. He considers the behavior of Goddess as irrational and biased and is not afraid to go against her.

He is shown to be an especially capable person as he managed to seek the aid and incorporates other demi-humans into his army and territories. He is an excellent strategist as he utilized the period where the Goddess was sleeping to turn tides towards the Hyumans and outsmart and outmaneuver them.

He is described as having an easy to understand ideology where he provides the people of the demon race what they desire. When he is offered land by Makoto (in Asora, though not directly mentioned), he tells Makoto that, the aim of the war is not only to obtain good land, but also to massacre Hyumans for the years of injustice they have suffered under the Goddess' favoritism.


Comes from humble beginnings.



  • Misumi Makoto ( Raidou): He sees them as a power that can’t be kept in check. He describes Raidou as a sleeping dragon. It might be a poor plan to wake it up and cause fury upon themselves.
  • Tomoe:
  • Mio:
  • Shiki:
  • Ema:
  • Komoe:
  • Rembrandt
  • Rinon
  • Toa
  • Root
  • Lime
  • Iwahashi Tomoki

Demon Lord’s children (candidates)

The demon race chooses their next Lord by their power. At the election there might be slight political power involved, but in the end, you won’t be able to become the Demon Lord unless you have the power to support it lineage doesn’t matter within promising candidates, and after gathering around a hundred, they can be education to become Lords, and among them, the next Demon Lord will be elected. The kids that are gathered are all ‘Children of the Demon Lord’.

Demon general:

  • Rona can be trusted with military intelligence
  • Io can be trusted with the military instructions of troops
  • Reft

‘Children of the Demon Lord’ (Demon Lord candidates):

  • Sari his (only) actual daughter her words and judgment hold weight with him
  • Sem political position in Government
  • Lucia High ranking military officer and instructed with training the troops
  • Roshe political position in Government


  • Goddess
  • Four major countries and all Hyumans.


  • Is shown to be a skilled Swordsman
  • Said to be a master of the Lance/Spear
  • Mainly defense oriented shields and spells
  • Seems to be able to measure people well/Strenght measurement


luxurious cloak that covered his body.


  • "Raidou… how long has it been since this one has felt cold sweat. To have power that even this one can’t measure. At the very least he is stronger than a spirit. Not only a hero, his power might be close to that of a God.” - (Zef to Makoto)(Not talking to Makoto)