demons, they have blue skin and have horns on their head, but there are exceptions to not have horns in possible hybrids could exist within the species since marriages are used to wait to bring Bond particular groups to the demon race for political reasons mostly

be created by the Goddess, they all have good looking features much like many of the races even if she favorites huyman Beauty is still One thing she will not change on

The foundation of the demon race is ruled by the principle of strength.

The demon race chooses their next Lord by their power. At the election there might be slight political power involved, but in the end, you won’t be able to become the Demon Lord unless you have the power to support it lineage doesn’t matter within promising candidates, and after gathering around a hundred, they can be education to become Lords, and among them, the next Demon Lord will be elected. The kids that are gathered are all ‘Children of the Demon Lord’.

The race is completely into a power doctrin

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