Beren is an elder dwarf that Misumi Makoto met and is currently one of the blacksmiths of Asora and the Kuzunoha Company.


Beren (Manga)

Beren has a classic Dwarf appearance; short and stoic. He has dense head and facial hair. As adventurer dwarf, he wears armor that he made to defend himself for taking care of commodity that he always looking for craft.


He is loyal and clever about environment. He is not easy to believe when the reality he know is not same and give in that is a dream.

Beren is extremely loyal in Misumi Makoto. He want to relied on Kuzunoha Company, in front of Raidou himself.




Vol 07 - 008

Beren, the real deal.

In terms of weapons, he has a decent mastery in a good amount of them, but the one he is the best with is the axe. In terms of magic, he can use self-buffs and healing, but the other magic is on the negative side. Beren’s fighting style is to use a variety of equipments and tools with effects, and by taking advantage of those, he aims for a decisive strike with his axe.

Non-combat skill Blacksmith : He is one of the best blacksmith even among the other elders dwarves. Appraisal : A skill that permit him to grasp the quality of an equipment.


  • Storage Ring: It is an item that lets you use Asora like a storage Device or dimensions Space it simply to see it as an item that opens a storage of big capacity. Einkaref When a gift from dwarf

Created Equipment

  • Bow


  • Sword



  • Misumi Makoto: Loyal to his master. 
  • Mio:
  • Shiki
  • Lime Latte
  • Tomoe
  • Komoe

Rembrandt Company

  • Patrick Rembrandt:

Adventurers' Guild

  • Root
  • Toa
  • Luisa
  • Hazaru
  • Ranilna

Heroes and Party Members

  • Otonashi Hibiki:
  • Bredda
  • Chiya