Avelia Hopelace (アベリア) is one of Raidou's students.



Vol 08b - 006


She has a blunt way of putting things and serious demeanor



Opinion on Other Characters 


  • Misumi Makoto: She admire his overwhelming and unique magic. As her teacher, she often called him "Sensei" showing respect just like her six classmates.
  • Mio:
  • Lime:
  • Shiki: She admire and has feelings for him and his overwhelming magic.She always tries her best to equal herself to his power. she is willing to do anything for him including going down a dangerous path that would lead her to joining the company


Vol 08a - 006

Amelia shooting an arrow on Ilumgand (mutant form)

In the beginning her skills were like Jack of all trades’s and master of none. Her abilities basically all around in skills, magic, and uses bow.

Non-combat skills




Your trump cards and your best; show them all here. No matter what you bring out, no matter how much confidence you have in them, they definitely won’t work. Consider it a blessing that you will be able to learn this in class rather than in actual combat. Become stronger and stronger, and find the next stage. Within the lessons of Sensei and Shiki-san, we have learned new skills that we wouldn’t have been able to think of before. If you want to find real trump cards that you can really rely on…there’s no place as better as this to come up with those ideas. I am looking forward to the day when you guys can settle down as our kouhais.” (Avelia/Amelia)

“He said that he didn’t aim for the eyes because, even with suction pads, it was still dangerous. It is true that if you are using a bow, shooting at the eyes is pretty effective and we are also taught that it is a place that can bring certain death. But from how it felt, I think that he would have been able to shoot at both of our eyes even when we were moving all around…” (Avelia/Amelia)