Asora (亜空), is a special alternate space created through Tomoe's power after the change caused by the contract which she made with Makoto and her powers of manipulating space.


Originally a void alternate space, which was used by Shèn to trap her opponents. To access the space, Shèn used her mist as an intermediary gates. Its size is based on the amount of magic power. Inside Asora, Shèn had the ability to limit the usage of magic of the people trapped inside and can also bend the laws of physics. Also for some reason, Shèn's body is detached from it, so any damage in there won't affect its real body.

But after Tomoe's pact with Makoto, the alternate space changed not only in size, but it transformed into a whole different land complete with its own ecology and environment, which is similar to that of Earth, mainly because of Makoto's influence. And with each new pact that Makoto forms, the environment expands and new ecology is added. The size of Asora also increases with every increase in Makoto's powers (though ecology and environment isn't changed in this case).

Tamaki honest impression is that Asora is an incredibly ideal land. like an Utopia.” (Tamaki should know about the words denoting those kind of places, like: Elysium, Agartha, Eden, Heaven, Shangri-la, Mount Penglai.)

"When she is the one saying it, I feel like there’s some sort of meaning behind it.In the first place, I myself…don’t like the word Utopia that much.Because of the name’s origin, and the circumstances of it. <Utopia falls.>(Makoto)

The homebase For The Kuzunoha Company


Notable Landmarks

A Shinto shrine archway leading through a forest Shinto shrine and others structures



Port town